Thursday, December 2, 2010

What the World loves most about Christmas season!

December has checked in and has checked in well. Since when i was a kid i have always loved Christmas season.Its the the period to be jolly and to make others jolly.It is a time to receive but more so a time to give.The period to thank God for all that his done for us in the year and it is also a time for a fresh start (New Year!)
Basically, i love it, love it, love it!!!So here are 5 of my top reasons why we love Christmas season ...

1.Gifts - It is a time to give and a time to receive, be it a box of cookies or that cruise holiday, i love the gifts part so much!

2. Shopping - I love to shop and this season gives us good reason to shop, from shoes,jewelery, house items,food, just about anything!This season gives you good reason to spend that cash without having valid reasons to justify why you are spending your money!

3. Food - For all of those who are dead conscious of their weight, well this is the season where you let go! Eat all the junk you can get, eat all the delicacies that are available, fast food and especially eat as much chocolate cake as you want! No-one will ask you to give a valid reason as to why you are indulging or start talking about diets!

4. Parties - There are just way too many parties in December and of course you have to attend all of them.,after all when do you get to show off all the attires that you have spent your cash on?!It is in the parties you get to meet people, business wise and social wise, which is always a great boost to your life!Most importantly, its the time that you and your friends plus family have fun together!It is in these parties that you discuss on your new years resolutions..which is always so much fun.
5. Christmas Wishes - I know this may sound childish but i do believe in Christmas wishes coming true.If you really want something and i mean sincerely want something, you do get it.I always advocate for making other people's wishes come true first...say the homeless people, find them and give them clothes and food, and in return your wishes will come true.

  My readers, I wish you happy holidays! May all your wishes come true and may you have a fantastic 2010 Christmas Season !!


  1. the parties and the gifts...hell yes am in...cant wait!!!

  2. no doubt-Christmas time is the most amazing time of the year:)))))


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