Saturday, January 28, 2012

Her Lifestyle: Meet Nancie Mwai and her love for coastal towns!

If you are as in love with fashion as I am, then Nancie Mwai is no stranger to you! She is what I would love to call "The Fashion goddess!" As a newbie in blogging, Nancie's blog - The Fashion Notebook was one of my inspirations to actually go fourth and pursue blogging. Today, whenever I have a fashion query or want to know what's in and what's not in the fashion world, The Fashion Notebook is with no doubt my first stop, always! It is with this regards that I was so excited when Nancie gave me the opportunity to interview her and understand her travel world as much as I understood her fashion world!

Which is the best destination you have ever visited? Why
I will have to say Lake Bogoria, it was just after I cleared high school and I just loved the hot springs and the road trip was good too.

Which is your favorite restaurant in Kenya? Why?
Fogo Gaucho, it’s a Brazilian Steak House, love their salad and meat platters.

Which / where is you dream holiday destination? Why?
St. Barts…it’s in the Caribbean and they have beautiful beaches!

What do you like most about traveling? What do you dislike most about traveling? 
Meeting new people and spending time with families and friends. I don’t like the travelling bit of it! Too tiring!

What / which gadgets do you NEVER miss to pack in your travel bag?
My phones, my laptop and a camera!

What is more of a romantic getaway for you, Beach or Safari? 
Beach! My boyfriend and I love coastal towns.

What in your closet do you NEVER miss to carry when you are traveling?
Shorts and sunglasses and hats…does sunscreen count?

What fashion/beauty tip do you have for "Her World" as she trots around the lovely Kenya and globe?
Carry some sunscreen and make sure you use it!!!

Now thats a tip that I intend to use...sunscreen! 

Friday, January 27, 2012

The strangest things left behind in hotel rooms...

Working in the hospitality industry is one very interesting mania, but the guys who are in the hotel business specifically surely have the most atypical experiences. Wondering why?

I recently came across an article by Great Hotels of the World and I was left in a side-splitting state! The article was about a hotel survey done on the things that clients left behind in their hotel rooms. Obviously, the person who thought of this survey must be a cartoon because this is plain hilarious! Ideally, if someone asked you what you thought people leave in their hotel rooms you would probably say clothes, shoes, bags and maybe hair pins. Things that you are most likely to forget but this seems not to be the case. People seem to be forgetting a whole much more that just a hair pin....
Apparently one client left behind € 1000! So what's so strange about that? It was in coins! While another client left £ 20,000 in their room...I know, these clients must be extremly rich to forget that amount of pounds in a hotel room!
Unidentified objects and items ....
Ever watched those movies where supernatural powers come to existance out of an ancient piece of jewellery or an old book...apparently a client once left a book written in a strange language and the cover of the book was strange as well and the paper material was something the hotel had never seen...jeepers creepers! I hope you did not think I was about to say when they opened the book supernatural powers came to existance..haha!

someone once left their pet fish in their hotel room.....
Pieces of self  ....
Now this specific thing left made me crack my ribs...TEETH!! A client once left their false teeth behind while anothe left their wig. Leaving a wig behind is not so strange, speaking as a woman, if you have many..maybe you can forget one in the hotel room, but teeth?! Seriously?!
And to the naughty ....
I feel as though I should put an age limit to this but hotels say, pepole tend to leave behind strange bedroom toys alot! Come on people.!!!
Will you marry me? NO!  ....
Hoteleers say that their is also a tendancy of engagement rings being left alot in hotel rooms! Haha...with Valentine's day just around the corner can you imagine the number of people about to propose? And can you imagine all those doing it in hotels?

Now over to you, what have you left in a hotel room that you may consider strange?

Thursday, January 26, 2012


Checking your facebook or twitter timeline while scuba diving is easier than ever before with the waterproof and crushproof Pelican Micro Case Series of cases.

When I first heard of these I laughed because I knew whichever company was making these cases, they would definitely make money from me! My family members actually call me "shaky hands"  which I believe is a family trait even though they refuse to admit that they are just like me! I always seem to drop what I hold and yes, I totally admit that I am clumsy! One year ago, I broke my mum's new glass coffee table just by "accidentally" dropping my umbrella on it, but my small sister is worse.. she once went beach swimming while she and her boyfriend were on holiday at the Kenyan coast, and "accidentally" dropped the car keys in the beach... It was a disaster!

Indestructible cases come handy when you are traveling because it means a better solution to these "accidents" that seem to "just happen!"

What do you think of these indestructible cases? Are they too geeky to carry around while traveling / on holiday?

Friday, January 20, 2012

Travelling in the future just got funkie!

I love travelling but I hate the process that comes with travelling!Packing, travel documents, ques at the airport the list is endless! This however could come to an end in the next eight years with the recently released report by the travel technology firm, Amadeus.  I came across an article discussing the report and I was left speechless! Check this out.....
Does Paperless Travel Sound to Futuristic for our Imagination?
A few years ago when the travel industry got introduced to e-tickets and online check-ins, it all seemed unimaginable.

Now imagine a world where you fingerprint boarding passes and eye-scanning passport control systems, i know, it all seems a bit too futuristic doesn’t it?  A report recently done named From Chaos to Collaboration report released by technology expert Amadeus suggests it is only eight years away.

By 2020, all airports will be paperless and bags will be electronically tagged, according to the predictions, technological innovation will take the stress out of travel so that passengers will have nothing to remember and can track the exact location of their bag at any given time.

Automated identification systems will use fingerprints to check in, avoiding the lengthy queues and delays in manual check-in and deleting the now online check-ins. Travellers will cruise through customs and immigration with just a scan of their eye retina! The experience does not end there! Passengers will be able to use virtual tour guides - through the same principles as gaming on smart phones and computers - enabling them to visit sites of interest.

Andrew Curry, director and co-author The Futures Company, said: "We wanted to avoid making techno-centric assumptions about the future of travel - and painting a picture of flying cars and intelligent robots in a world that is otherwise unchanged from today.

"We hope that this study will challenge, provoke and stimulate thinking around how we will all be travelling in the future."
Now tell me this is not something we are all looking forward to!"

Friday, January 13, 2012

January Journey!

Happy New year!

This is my first post this year so I am mega excited! I have missed blogging so much and my blogger family even more. I had planned to take a 2 weeks leave from blogging but ended up taking close to four weeks!I know that's a really long time, but i needed to spend time away from my laptop and more time with family!

 During the time I spent away from the blog, I came up with some new ideas to make me and you love the blog even more and to kick off those ideas, I have introduced two new segments;

(a) Her Gadgets which is a segment that will discuss gadgets that are a must have when you are travelling or simply, gadgets that make your traveling experience smooth and easy.

(b) Her Lifestyle which is a segment that pretty much talks about travel lifestyles, celebrity vacations etc It is a place where I will be able to rant on and on about... pretty much ,everything!

I am considering to add two more segments on the blog, I am still thinking about it and soon will let you know how it goes. However, if you have any ideas that you think I should consider, please let me know. I also plan on hosting guest bloggers, so come on blogger family, tell me those travel stories and we shall share them with the world!

My 2012 blogging journey starts today and as is tradition to make and work a new year resolution, my new year resolution is to visit as many blogs as possible per day! What are your resolutions, where do you plan to travel, where did you you travel, what did you experience? Take us through that journey, we would love to hear about it!