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Once in a while I post on travel gadgets out there that I think would be useful to any traveller. 
Now, if there is anything that really gets me mad besides making me stand up every time you want to go to the washroom (that’s why you request for an aisle seat!) is those people who dose and their heads keep bopping to your side, sometimes you even find they (the annoying passage next to you) lay their head on you!

Well, here is something..... Read more.


Ever visited a place and while you were walking on the streets, you felt like a walking target of those hands that just seem to like your pockets more than the hand's owner's pockets? The sly pickpockets of the world and especially Nairobi, have met their match: Read more.


It’s been said that if you are going for a safari or soccer match, nothing will beat the speed of a digital SLR, and the up-to-three-frames-per-second capability of Nikon’s entry-level model ensures you won’t miss a thing. How I would love to put this awesome gadget in my hands! 
Apparently the list of manual options is endless, but read more.


 Checking your crackberry or updating weekly travel expenses on your Treo while scuba diving is easier than ever before with the waterproof and crushproof Pelican Micro Case Series of cases. There’s even a purge valve to equalize the pressure!

When I first heard of these I laughed because I knew whichever company was making these cases, they would definitely make money from me! My family members actually call me "shaky hands"  which I believe is a family trait even though they refuse to admit that they are just like me! Read more.


This being my first post on my new page - travel gadgets, I must say when I first heard of the stash sandals, I was amazed! The sandals were ideally made for ladies but considering that they can be obtained in plain black, dudes can also wear them. They come quite handy when you go sight seeing or to the beach to soak up some sun and you want somewhere to "keep"your money. So, why not purchase a pair for your next outing...


  1. Wow these are great! What a good idea. Never heard of these before.

    1. Yes Karen i absolutely love them.. you should get a pair for your next travel. :)

  2. where can i get the sandals?

    1. If you are in Kenya then Bata are considering making them or you can get them online http://shop.reef.com/girls/l/200 Good luck :)

  3. I love the sandals, A must have!! im travelling to kenya in some weeks to come. I also love traveling!

    1. Cool! Wishing you a great time!thanks for stopping by. :)

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