Tuesday, October 8, 2013

HER GADGETS: The Upright Sleeper

Once in a while I post on travel gadgets out there that I think would be useful to any traveller.

Image by Skymall

Now, if there is anything that really gets me mad besides making me stand up every time you want to go to the washroom (that’s why you request for an aisle seat!) is those people who dose and their heads keep bopping to your side, sometimes you even find they (the annoying passage next to you) lay their head on you!

Well, here is something that may help you to not be that annoying passenger. It may look like a choking device, but this ferocious contraption isn’t aimed at spinal injury patients. It’s actually intended to keep your head steady when you doze off.

Unfortunately, I do not think they are available to us in the Kenyan market, but you can get it online from Uprightsleeper.com for approximately $39


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