Tuesday, November 5, 2013


Meet Emmie Kio, an agricultural writer and an urban farmer, one who is interested in social media, food security and agriculture. Her addictions are swimming,nature,motorbikes, litchis  and a good laugh. Well, lets hear more from this bright, fun loving Agribusiness Management graduate!

1. Tell us more about you and why you decided to have a blog? A more elaborate explanation is in the about page of my blog.

2. Which is the best destination you have ever visited? South America, Uruguay to be specific.  I would love to go back there and never return again :-)  I love the friendly nature of the people there which makes you feel at home even when you don't know a thing of what they are saying to you in Spanish. We went on a field trip and there was this cup i was seeing with everyone called Mate (Pronounced as Mah-teeh). One guy let me and my friend Bridgit taste its contents and in the end he souvenir-d me the Yerba Mate cup :-) Plus you live life there like there is no tomorrow.

3. Which is your favourite restaurant in Kenya? That's a tricky question. Can i actually name three?
a) Fairmount The Norfolk. This is one of the hotels where you get treated like a queen literally.The hotel staff have good public relations with the residents. It shocks me that you meet a staff on the hallway and knows your name, meet another one some blocks away and they know you too.It feels kinda great. Plus the food is great too.
b) Turtle Bay Watamu: Here is where a dream holiday gets fulfilled. Good food, good service, turtle conservation in play....and much more fun plus relaxation
c) Although they are now closed Indian Ocean Beach Resort. Actually at times their food wasn’t great but two people made me like coming back to the place. Some lady at the reception called Lucy; she has a big heart of gold and very excellent at public relations and Nassoro; one of the food attendants. This guy serves you like a queen which is quite rare to see in some coastal hotels, where the attendant’s service is biased towards the resident people.

4. Which / where is your dream holiday destination? Any country I have not been to works best as a holiday destination.  I like to discover new things every now and then.

5. What do you like most about traveling? The communing with nature. Put religion aside, nature is one thing that convinces me that indeed there is a supreme being. Interacting with new people, sharing new thoughts seeing new places just expands my mind. Fixing stuff, you get to learn to do things on your own at times especially in the wild travel scenarios. What do you dislike most about traveling? Definitely packing my bags. I do a week prior but still forget to carry some stuff. Didn’t nobody discover an app for this? Also your bags getting lost. It disorients you totally!

6. What / which gadgets do you NEVER miss to pack in your travel bag? A toothbrush/toothpaste, Clean pairs of undies, Binoculars, A book, Music, A map, Rosary, comfortable pair of boots and a field guide for birds in the area in question.

7. What is more of a romantic getaway for you, Beach or Safari? Having lived a better portion of my life in the coastal area, the beach does it for me. There are endless romantic things can do there compared to the safari.

8. Tell us 3 things about you that we do not know? I find love and happiness in things that people despise/take for granted like farming and bird watching, am a soon to be lifeguard, am head on heels with motorbikes and i have no favourite meal. Anything palatable does it for me!

9. What travel tips do you have for "Her World" as she trots around Kenya and the globe? Travel! Travel! Travel both in the country and out of the country. And just like Aldous Huxley once said, to travel is to discover that one is wrong about other countries.

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