Wednesday, December 29, 2010

My 2011 Travel Resolutions

It has been days since i blogged!I think it has to do with the fact that it was Christmas time...anyway, we are 3 days away from a new year and as per the usual every single human being is making resolutions for the new year!It is the time we reflect on all we did this year and what we should be doing next year,and due to this i came up with a couple travel resolutions that i think you may also want to share with me!

1. I will plan my travel in advance - Travel agencies,Airlines, Hotels always tell us the earlier you book your trip the cheaper it will be. This rule is especially in accordance with flights.Imagine you can buy a ticket to Mombasa at KES 8000 and at the same time another person buys the same destination & class at KES 16,000 with the fare difference being equated to time of booking.

2. I will budget for my travel - You do not need to go to university to know that budgeting is a must with any expenditure you plan to incur and that the results of budgeting is saving your money!Budgeting will mean that before i settle for any accommodation i will always compare and get the cheapest and the same will apply to flights,trip activities etc.

3. I will always check in for my flights online instead of going to que at the airport counter.First i do not like to que, secondly checking in online ensures that i am a priority to the airline should anything go wrong say,an airline overbooking case appeared.

4. I will visit places i have never visited yet are said to be unique and budget friendly such as Kakamega forest,Nyahururu Thompson Falls, Nyeri town etc

5. I will pack my suitcases a day before departure so as to avoid last minute rush !

6. I will always put my camera in my bag a day before to avoid cursing myself because i left it behind.

What are your 2011 Travel Resolutions??

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Loos with a view..

I am pretty sure you are wondering what is she writing about?! Take a minute and think about it before you judge.The place you need most relaxation is the loo and the bathroom,hence why people go in there with newspapers,magazines,others even opt for soft soothing music.

The truth is that i stumbled upon this article that was talking about toilets with great scenes, follow the link for pictures: Loos with a view ,and i thought to myself, i am one of the lucky people in the world to have experienced using a loo with a scene and a taking a shower with a scene!   

This was at Kenya's very own IL Ngwesi Lodge in Laikipia. This place is on a private ranch between Lewa and Isiolo.Its absolutely amazing!!!They not only have gorgeous bathrooms,an out of this world pool but the have star beds. As the name insinuates, star beds are bed that when you sleep on them you literary look at the sky!(I slept in one of them..i swear it's the best sleep i have ever had in my whole life!)

IL Ngwesi is an Eco-lodge and you know me..anything Eco-friendly i will support. This lodge has hosted a high number of famous people including the one and only Prince William....

Now, don't you want to go and pee or have a bath while enjoying a natural wild view? Trust me, it is unbelievably cool!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Singapore The City State...

Singapore is a city state found in Southeast Asia.It was founded by the British as a trading colony.Singapore, known for having the world's busiest port, is listed among the world's most prosperous countries.It is a secular city state with a multicultural population with Chinese,Indians,Muslims and Christians.

By now you must be wondering why i am telling you about this marvellous country? Well, my interest in this state was purely driven by the advert that they have running on CNN! The place looks like heaven on earth and thus the reason why i had to research more about Singapore. Interestingly enough, this once a colony trading zone,is a hub for business men and leisure tourists.

Singapore is well know for it's cuisine, island resorts, shopping malls, nightlife and nature world.

To compete with it's Asian rivals such as Hong Kong,Tokyo and Shanghai, Singapore promises to revamp the city giving it a new look and giving its visitors something to look forward to.....

I have never been that interested in visiting Asian countries but i must say that Singapore definitely creates raw and fresh interest in me.It is unique,beautiful, developed and i must add a reason why Asia is a force to reckon in the tourism industry.

Bravo Singapore!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

My Travel Dreams for 2011

Someone once said that if you believe in your dreams they just my come true.  My hope is that they are right and that i get to visit my dream destinations for 2011. Last year i was in the obsession of visiting Egypt and lucky me my dream came true.....

For year 2011 my obsessions are as follows..

1. Paris - Since i started this blog, i have written so much about Paris that i feel i need to experience what this love city has to offer. More so, this place is a heaven for shopping especially shoes,bags and perfume!The art and history of the place is also one to watch.This place is known as a romance hub thus i am pretty sure me and him would love it.

2. Zanzibar -  It is almost 3 years ago when i last visited Zanzibar.I am told that the place has tremendously changed.Besides the ever beautiful beaches, the number of 5 star resorts and spas has increased which means variety! I love places where i am not limited and can choose the best and most convenient place to stay,therefore Zanzibar is on my must go list plus..its just across the border, all i need is money and a "free" weekend.

3. New York - Truth be told i think the Alicia Keys/Jay Z song has gotten to me plus Tyra banks and all. New York is a good place to shop, they have a variety of expensive and affordable gear!Like Sarah Jessica Parker said "I like my money right where I can see it... hanging in my closet. "
New York is also in the list of top 10 best cities to party..I love parties.

4. Spain - Spain is Spain.Historic, romantic, modern yet old fashion, artistic, religious,great place to shop (Madrid) etc I just want to experience the place.I want to see the 2010 world cup winners culture, it somewhat interests me.

5. Thailand - First it is not a country, it is a kingdom. A kingdom that has earned a reputation of being known as "The land of smiles".Thailand is famous for its Buddhist temples (their meditation +  chanting interests me, i would like to know what they mean and what they say when chanting), exotic wildlife plus spectacular islands. Besides their fascinating history  and unique culture, i am a sucker for the Thai food(even here in Nairobi)!

6. Rome - To be very sincere this obsession is purely driven with the thirst to see the Vatican City live.I am a Catholic thus would be thrilled to attend mass that is proceeded by the Pope himself. Besides this,Italy is famous for excellent suites, shoes and bags. Italy has a rich history that is highly enticing. On a lighter note, i would love to see the named places in the books and movies written by Dan Brown such as Da Vinci Code, Angels and Demons etc

Friday, December 17, 2010

Its A Snowy Christmas There And A Sunny Christmas Here...

If you have been watching the news, then you must already know that in Europe its snowing crazy.
The "Big Freeze" as it is called has threatened to paralyze Britain which would be disastrous because it would mean that households might end up with no Christmas gifts due to no transportation, no heating for the houses due to fuel shortage and worse of all,most families reunite during Christmas but with flights being canceled,these people might not get to be with their loved ones this Christmas!If you think this is sad, well it gets worse!Business analysts say that things are so thick that the snow storms could put 1,000 plus firms out of business if the final weekend for the Christmas shopping is disrupted by the snow which could result to a poor business start in January.....

Pics courtesy of

Contrary to the weather UK is having, Kenya is extremely shinning with the high's range of 29 degrees and 32 degrees!Weather forecasts say that they expect sunshine all through the season and probably light showers once in a while.....

Pics courtesy of goggle images

This is what i find most interesting, we are both on the same planet yet we are so not on the same planet! My question is, where would you rather spend your Christmas, somewhere sunny or somewhere snowy? 

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Top 5 Under Water Hotels

First let me begin by saying that i used to think it was not possible to have a vacation under water until i saw pictures of these hotels!It is scenic, peaceful. relaxing and unbelievably amazing!I made a promise to myself, when i become utterly rich..i so have to stay at one of these hotels, if not all of them!Can you imagine being in bed and you are watching live sea creatures floating?!True heaven it would be!

1. Jules Under Sea Lodge, Florida

2. Utter Inn, Sweden

3. Hydropolis, Dubai

4. Poseidon Underwater Resort, Fiji

5. Huvafen Fush Underwater Resort, Maldives

Friday, December 10, 2010

Black and White....Whispers Beauty!

Courtesy of Google images

Top 5 World's Best Party Cities

I am pretty sure if you are like me you thought that Kenya was the ultimate party place.According to the below are top on the box for cities who just love to party.In short their middle name is "Kujivinjari"

These cities make good touristic places and if your particular interest while travelling is the nightlife, then your next trip should be one of the below:

 1.Bangkok - Well what do you know, besides Bangkok being a good shopping place, good cultural tourism it is also great for partying!

2. Reykjavik -Believe it or not, this Icelandic capital city is a party place!who would have thought?!!I always pictured Iceland to be a place where people just stay indoors and get cozy infront of T.V sets!How wrong i was....

3. Marrakech - Even though this is an Islamic city,they have great belly dancers!Its a good place to visit especially if you are into cultures and while at it you can party! Marrakech has a relaxed attitude toward alcohol and, as such, happily boasts its belly dancers at countless lounges and discos throughout the city. A plethora of bars and clubs stay open late to meet the demand of travelers seeking a healthy shot of Mediterranean fun.

4. New York City - Do i even need to say anything about New York?Great place to shop, to go on tour, to go meet the superstars etc
5.Ibiza(San Antonio and Around) - This reminds me of a song that "Venga boys"a 90's pop group sung! "Ooo we going to Ibiza...Ooo we gonna have a good time" Ibiza boasts stunning beaches an infinite string of sunny days and festivals so raucous they'll fire the imagination of even the most jaded partygoers. The alarmingly hardcore party scene begins each evening on Sunset Strip and carries on all night in the festive West End section.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Nature's Discretion

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