Thursday, December 9, 2010

World's most romantic destinations 2010: Traveler's choice awards 2010

It is Christmas time and of course we all want to love and to be loved! As i was going through the world's best destinations lists for 2010, i could not help but blog this.These Traveler's choice awards 2010 guys are so on point. And of course our favorite city (say it the french way..Parii) Paris makes the top 5!

1. Oia, Greece

2. Venice, Italy

3. Napa, California
4. Paris, France

5. Positano, Italy

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  1. your blog is becoming abit depressing to read, all these pics of these beautiful places that i wont get to go this holiday season! sigh!

  2. LOL!I wish i was going 2 Paris this think this weekend im going to Western! I have never been to that side of Kenya so im a bit excited but Paris would have been much better!


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