Wednesday, December 29, 2010

My 2011 Travel Resolutions

It has been days since i blogged!I think it has to do with the fact that it was Christmas time...anyway, we are 3 days away from a new year and as per the usual every single human being is making resolutions for the new year!It is the time we reflect on all we did this year and what we should be doing next year,and due to this i came up with a couple travel resolutions that i think you may also want to share with me!

1. I will plan my travel in advance - Travel agencies,Airlines, Hotels always tell us the earlier you book your trip the cheaper it will be. This rule is especially in accordance with flights.Imagine you can buy a ticket to Mombasa at KES 8000 and at the same time another person buys the same destination & class at KES 16,000 with the fare difference being equated to time of booking.

2. I will budget for my travel - You do not need to go to university to know that budgeting is a must with any expenditure you plan to incur and that the results of budgeting is saving your money!Budgeting will mean that before i settle for any accommodation i will always compare and get the cheapest and the same will apply to flights,trip activities etc.

3. I will always check in for my flights online instead of going to que at the airport counter.First i do not like to que, secondly checking in online ensures that i am a priority to the airline should anything go wrong say,an airline overbooking case appeared.

4. I will visit places i have never visited yet are said to be unique and budget friendly such as Kakamega forest,Nyahururu Thompson Falls, Nyeri town etc

5. I will pack my suitcases a day before departure so as to avoid last minute rush !

6. I will always put my camera in my bag a day before to avoid cursing myself because i left it behind.

What are your 2011 Travel Resolutions??

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