Monday, January 3, 2011

The World's Coldest Holiday Destinations

I have always said and professed of my undying love and obsession for beaches.Last week i got an email from a reader asking why i have never considered the fact that the way i love sunny warm getaways...there are also people who fancy going to places that are extremely cold so they can cozy up infront of a fire with sparkling wine in their glasses. I quote"Somewhere like  Rutundu Log Cabins but not in Kenya." With these request i dug out some of the destinations that are quite cold yet are quite good for vacations.

Dawson city,Yukon Canada - This place is cold through out the year,with the temprutures dropping to minus 145 at times! Interesting destination with lots of relics from the age of the Gold Rush.

Greenland - Known as the world's largest non-continental island located within the Arctic circle,clearly it does not get too warm at any given time.Greenland has the lowest population density on earth. It has scenic attractions in the urban areas but the countryside is said to be breathtaking!Views of the icebergs and glaciers, or the the under water animal life such us whales,walruses,seals,reindeer,musk oxen and a must see is the midnight sun!

Tromso, Norway -  Although not the north-most city in Norway, there are many things to see and experience such as the art, culture, delicious cuisine, museums, churches, parks and other assorted attractions.

Yakutsk,Russia -The oldest city in Siberia and the cl=oldest city in the world. The architecture and city planning is a whimp, but have astounding museums. Landscapes sourrounding the city are somewhat to watch and honestly the Old City is not bad either!

Glacier Bay National Park, Alaska - A UNESCO World Heritage site,known for its amazing beaches,glaciers and snow-caped mountains.The flora and fauna of the park is very rich, and there are plenty of things to see for the amateur botanist or zoologist.It is a great place for extreme sports such as Kayaking,trekking and climbing!

This is beautiful...


  1. I like the sun here just fine. I'm afraid of the extreme cold
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  2. wow wonderful article with so lovely pictures...!
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    xoxo Nini

  3. lol, they can visit my place, it´s pretty cold and white. :( Without that cosy fire.

  4. oooh no...i cant handle cold weather...there is nothing holidayish about it!!


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