Saturday, January 15, 2011

Czech Republic: Prague the city of great architecture

The most interesting thing about this blog is that i have never though of this country when i think of going for a holiday! Most of our thoughts are usually driven  towards a beach or the wild etc.However, in this blog we take a different angle, an architectural angle a place i never pictured to be this beautiful and magnificent. A place where i feel that their attractions need to be highlighted.The capital city yet largest city in Czech Republic, Prague which is pronounced as Praha!

Prague is most know to architects due to it's astonishing architectural work. The city practically offers a glimpse of different architectural styles ranging from Baroque, Gothic, Art Noveau, Functionalism, Cubism, and the list goes on. People even joke that you can get a PhD on architecture when you go on a Prague holiday.For more on holidays check Journeyetc's Top Prague destinations

 Now tell me, is this not Beautiful?

Pictures courtesy of Google images.

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