Monday, January 24, 2011

My top 5 most romantic destinations in Kenya!

With February only a week away, of course the thought of Valentine's creeps up in your mind. I must admit i am a hopeless romantic and i utterly believe in love.It is a great feeling  and with such  thoughts in my mind i felt it was necessary to share with those who are like me,some of the places you may consider visiting this Valentines.

1. Lamu is top on the list for me. As have mentioned previously, Lamu is rich in culture, great history,great hotels such as my all time favorite Kizingo and  Swahili food is a plus!

Lamu island sunrise....

Kizingo Lamu...
2. Laikipia comes in second place without a doubt due to the luxuriousness the place offers and the rich number of game found in this area.From the amazing high end camps in the Lewa area to the star beds in Ilngwesi Camp of the Ilngwesi group ranch, to the prestigious Nanyuki hotels such us Fairmont Mt.Kenya Safari Club (cant help but say that with an English accent). Damn! this place is awesome.
Borana Lodge...Lewa

Fairmont Mt.Kenya Safari Club....
3. Diani Beach follows in third because of the clean beaches and exquisite hotels that can be found in the South Coast area!From the likes of 5 star hotels such us Leopard Beach hotel, Diani Reef hotel  who have out of this world spas to sports 5  star hotels like Leisure lodge for golfing or boutique houses such as flamboyant and Afrochic....Diani beach is definitely among my top 5!

Diani Reef spa moment....

Diani Reef the 5 star hotel..
4.Manda Island This place is just pure bliss. It is an island near Lamu which if I'm not wrong has only about 2 or 3 hotels with the Majilis being  one of them. This place is unique, exquisite and damn expensive!Not only do you enjoy the beach but you could also go for nature walks etc So if you want to spend some money on her..this is a place.I can assure you it will not disappoint.

The Majilis....

5. Samburu This is ideal for nature lovers and adventure freaks!Samburu has high number of game animals and a secret for culture.Most of the camps are high market with many of them making it in the international review lists especially Sarara camp, Saruni Camp - who offer drawing safaris and Sasaab who are well known for their "spa in the wild"

Saruni Camp inside luxurious tent...

Sasaab,the place with an amazing spa in the wild.....


  1. These pictures just take my breath away with their beauty! I would love to travel to Kenya someday. It looks so rich in beauty, culture and fascinating things and of course, wonderful people.:)

    I hope your last week of January is wonderful and that you have a great month of February!

  2. Thanks Colleen, and yes you should visit Kenya!It is a great place and we are very friendly.Thank you for your comment and i do wish you a great week as well!

  3. i,ve been to fairmount! yaaay to me, the rest i'll add to my list!
    awesome post dear!


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