Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Top 10 Travel Essentials While On That Trip....

1. Map + Guide book

The last thing you want is to be lost in a country or town that you have never been before. Last year when i visited Cairo, my friend and i got lost when we were shopping and getting directions back to our hotel was a nightmare !So please do the necessary!

2. A good back pack / day pack
When in a foreign country its always safe to have a comfortable bag that you can easily carry around.If you are not sure of the security of your destination, you may not want to walk around with handbags,clutch bags, wallets etc which can easily lead to your being pick pocketed or worse..

3. Comfortable Shoes
 Trust me, this may look like its not quite important but it is.Low shoes are always advisable unless you are going for dinner or at the beach etc.I personally prefer to carry "Sport Sandals" which may not be very fashionable but trust me they are safe and suitable for any weather conditions!

4. Bpa Free Water Bottle
 Yes...wherever you go you need to carry water.In my experience, it is not always you will find somewhere to buy water and you can not trust any water you are given to drink.You would rather buy water and empty in the bottle other than you keep buying or carrying to many bottles in your back pack.

 5. Just 'In-case' Medication

Pain killers such as Panadol, Acidity control tabs such us Actal, Creams for insect bites,minor burns etc (I highly recommend Sudo cream,it is a life saver!) and Stomach upset control such us Eno or Andrews. These medications are very important because you are not sure what will happen out there and more so, you do not want to get a stomach upset

6. Camera
A camera is simply a must.What is the point of visiting a place if later on you cannot relive the memories?You need to take pictures to always remind you of what happened and what you experienced.Plus, it gives you a chance to show off all the good times you had!

 7. Back Up Documents 
Always make copies of your ticket,your passport,health documents such as yellow fever certificates and keep them in your suite case or somewhere safe.You could loose your passport while out there and with the "back up" documents it would speed up the process of having them re-done etc

8. Rain Gear
It does not matter whether you  are going to the beach or not, it also rains at the coast!Collapsible umbrellas, water-repellent jackets, ponchos and folding hats make all-weather travel bearable.

9. Watch / Travel Alarm

First and foremost, if you are travelling to a country with a different time zone, you may want to adjust your watch to the visiting country's time. Secondly, if you are to have a tour or travelling in a group you may want to set your alarm lest you end up being the reason why the rest are late or in worst cases, you are left behind!

10. Optimism

I know this is not an item but you definitely want to have this attitude with you.Sometimes you may get lost or not get exactly what you were hoping for or even have flights delayed etc. The secret to moving ahead and having a good time is being optimistic. It is the charm for any trip that you take.

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