Friday, January 7, 2011

The Gondola Ride - The floating city with Euros to spend!

I am certain you have in one way or the other seen one but you just did not know that its called a Gondola!!

A gondola is a boat kind of structure that has a unique kind of design and shape.Almost like a straw hat.They are mostly found in Venice, Italy and according to, "A gondola ride is like a hansom cab ride in New York City: It can be a delightful experience, but only if you're able to forget the price and focus on the experience."

With the phrase above, you must be wondering how much does this Gondola ride cost?Well be ready for a shocker!!! 

The facts are that Venice sets the official rates for gondola rides, which started at €80 for 40 minutes. Additional 20-minute increments are €40.  Yes, you read correctly!And if you consider yourself the romantic type and want to give your spouse an evening ride , the rate after 7 p.m., the base rate climbs to €100, with €50 for an additional 2 minutes.

The maximum number of people who can be on a gondola at a time is 6 . This doesn't mean you'll actually pay 80 euros, or that you'll get a 40-minute ride. Depending on demand, gondoliers may regard the official rates as a polite fiction. Extra 'special' services, such as singing, can boost the fare even more !! This also means that you are allowed to negotiate....So who is willing to take me on a Gondola ride?!

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