Thursday, October 28, 2010

World's Best Restaurants ....mejores restaurantes del mundo!

Que va a entender por qué estoy hablando en españo, my Spanish is not very good, but this is why i speak it ..I HAVE TO VISIT SPAIN.

If you are like me and a couple of other people, then you must love great food.From the way it is prepared to the way it is served also the way the dirty plate is cleared from you table matters ALOT. According to S.Pellegrino, this are the world's best and finest restaurants, i hope that soon i get to experience one of them.. ....

1. NOMA RESTAURANT -Copenhagen, Denmark

2. EL BULI - Spain



5. MUGARITZ - Spain

I think with this information, we now know where to go on vacation if we love good food. Spain has 6 spots in the top 10, which to me translates..World's best country to visit to enjoy great food!!!

Bien Hecho Espana!!!

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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Unknown species discovered in the Amazon..

The universe never seizes to amaze me!According to a report  published on 26th October 2010 by WWF, Spectacular species previously unknown to the outside world are being discovered in the Amazon rain forest at a rate of one every three days!!

An anaconda as long as a limousine, a giant catfish that eats monkeys, a blue fanged spider and poisoned dart frogs are among the 1,220 animals and plants to have been found from 1999 to 2009, according to the study.

Beautiful or Ugly, what do you think?

The new species include 637 plants, 257 fish, 216 amphibians, 55 reptiles, 16 birds and 39 mammals, confirming that the Amazon is one of the most diverse places on Earth.

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Tuesday, October 26, 2010


World's most beautiful yet Transparent animals...

1. Transparent Frog

2. Transparent Head Fish

3. Transparent Butterfly

4. Transparent Squid

5. Transparent Zebrafish  created by scientists

6. Transparent Icefish

7.Transparent Amphipod

8. Transparent Larval Shrimp

9.Transparent Salp

10.Transparent Jellyfish

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Monday, October 25, 2010

World's Most Unique Lakes: Raw Beauty!

If you are like me and you live in Kenya and someone asked you to name a lake, I am guessing your first answer would be either Lake Nakuru, Lake Naivasha, Lake Bogoria or Lake Baringo!Honestly, i do not blame you, up to a couple of minutes before i wrote this answer would probably have been the same....

1. Plitvice Lakes (Croatia): Sixteen Lakes interconnected by Spectacular Waterfalls - If you ask me this place reminds me of garden of Eden.

2. Boiling Lake(Dominica): A Flooded Fumarole - As the name suggests, this place literally boils. It is filled with bubbling greyish - blue water that is usually enveloped in a cloud of vapor.

3.Red Lagoon (Bolivia): Red (algae) + White (borax) - The lake contains borax islands whose white color contrasts nicely with the reddish color of its waters caused by red sediments and pigmentation of some algae.

4.Five-Flower Lake (China): Beautiful Multi - Coloured Lake with Fallen Tree Trunks - The water that makes this lake is so clear and the fallen tree trunks in the lake and amidst turquoise yellowish and green colours create the mystery.

5. Dead Sea (Israel and Jordan): Lowest Point on Earth - I do not think i need to explain anything about this..if you have a christian (religious) background you know why the Dead Sea is significant.

6. Lake Baikal (Russia): Deepest and Oldest Lake in the World - It is also know as the Blue Eye of Siberia and not only is it the oldest lake, it contains more water than all the North American Great Lakes Combined.

7. Lake Titicaca (Bolivia and Peru): World's Highest Navigable Lake

 8. Caspian Sea (Russia): World's Largest Lake

9. Crater Lake (USA): It's waters are considered one of the World's Most Clearest - Yet according to the cites that are bound to sink due to global warming USA has the highest number of cites!

10. Lake Karachay (Russia): Most Polluted Spot on Earth - Can you believe this?!Most polluted spot on Earth! have got to do something!

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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Best Spa's In the world...

Most often we tend to associate Spa resorts or lodges with honeymooners, i think that we rule them out  of our travel options because of that "honeymooners /lovers " idea ,while indeed we can also enjoy Spa getaways.Think of the Egyptian queen Cleopatra who is said and believed to have showed with milk, although im not sure how true it is! So folks here are some of the world's best Spa - Note Kenya Makes a debut in this listings with Sasaab Lodge's Spa being on the list!Yepy!!!!

Canyon Ranch, Tucson, Arizona - They are ranked the best Spa in the states, they have a long list of clientele,from celebrities,socialites and luxury lovers!

The Wine and Spa Resort at the Loisium Hotel, Austria - With the rising success of grape-derived skin treatments, wine spas have climbed to prominence in the destination spa business.These guys use  healthy ingredients of grapes and grape-seed oil to promote luminous skin care-and luxurious body treatments.

The Lodge at Chaa Creek Spa, Cayo District, Belize - Nestled in an adventure resort, surrounded by the Belize rain forest, this is def a getaway for the nature lovers!

Ojai Valley Inn & Spa, Ojai, CA  - Said to be among America's best Spa's, Ojai Valley Inn boasts private elevators and a wildly popular $50 Chumash Indian-inspired sweat lodge, people rated the $80 Petals body treatment, "a rubdown with powdered roses followed by a rose-gel shower and rose-oil massage," as their top pick.

Spa at the Hotel Martinez, Cannes, France - Do i need to explain anything??!Really ..France equals to Paris,which equals to romance,fashion,hot stuff!Surely im not surprised that they have a "great" spa.I only wonder when i will ever get to taste it!

Four Seasons Resort Bali at Jimbaran Bay, Bali, Indonesia - Now here is something interesting, a world's best of the best Spa in Indonesia!Tourists say "you are assured to enjoy a traditional Balinese treatment surrounded by natural stone and timber, cool ocean breezes and the spicy aroma of exotic flowers."

 The Penninsula Spa by ESPA, Chicago - America, i am getting jealous!!!!! How could you have so many Spa's on top 10!The Spa offers half- and full-day spa packages that include beauty, massage and body care treatments with a holistic bent. They also sell a full line of ESPA products.

El Santuario, Valle de Bravo, Mexico - I like to pronounce it as Mehico..i do not know why i just like it!:)

Bliss London spa, London - As the name suggests, this place must give you bliss(While reading this please read it with the English accent!)Bliss also have a line of body products , which i must say have excellent scents!

Liz Earle Spa, Sasaab, Kenya - This is quite exciting to see Kenya properties on international listings.I have been to Sasaab and true to every report you may read, it is definitely heaven on earth!

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