Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Disney world..where i want to be!

Ever since i was a kid, i have always dreamt of one day visiting the land of Disney!There is just something about the animation feeling that just gives you that warm feeling!I love cartoons and maybe thats why i am really fascinated by this place.

The Walt Disney Resort has many attractions but amongst my favorites are the 4 theme parks and the  2 water parks.check this out!

Theme Park - Magic Kingdom Park

I would love to take a ride on this...!!!!

Gives the real feel of a princess in a castle...!!!

Best for kids and adults too!!This really does bring out the child in all of us!!
Theme Park: Disney Hollywood Studios Park

Do i need to say anything more than what the picture says??!!

How cool is this?!!!!
Theme Park: Disney Animal Kingdom Park

My story books from back when i was a kid...just came to life with this picture!

I just feel like screaming when i look at the snow creatures!
Theme Park:Epcot Park, also know as the future world!

 It is important to know that out of the 4 Disney theme parks,Epcot is the largest!

Water Park: Disney Blizzard Beach

Water Park: Disney's Typhoon Lagoon

After looking at this pictures,don't you feel like you need to experience each one of these attractions?!

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  1. I live in kenya and would like to know if you are in position to tell me how my family (hubby & 2 kids)would take a trip to disney?Thanks Terry-Anne

  2. Hi, i read your blog and im a great fan.I would like to know if you can give me more details on the Disney Parks, i think it would be a good treat to surprise my wife and kid. Mark Thomas

  3. Hi Terry-Anne and Mark Thomas.Thank you for your support.Yes i may be able to help you guys with planning the trip to Disney.Please email me at with all the details of dates,number of travelers etc Then i will be able to help. Looking forward to your emails.Thanks once again.


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