Monday, October 18, 2010

Kenya's Top 5 Best Diani Beach Hotels....

As may have mentioned in my other blogs Diani beach is my all time favorite beach in Kenya!Not only is the beach very clean and beautiful, this beach hosts some of Kenya's best Hotels,Resorts and Spas!!

#5.Flamboyant - is a luxury family owned beachfront house. Set in lush tropical gardens overlooking the white sandy beaches and clear warm waters of the Indian Ocean.So it ideally perfect for a couple or a family who are not into spending much yet want some "homely" time.

#4.Sands at Nomad - These guys pride themselves in being the 1st Boutique hotel in Diani.They have a fantastic treatment center named Forest breeze,that offer amazing massages.What is striking about Sands at Nomad is that their decor is unique;they have doors that protrude outside the wall as opposed to the normal doors inverted in the walls!They also have amazing fruit cocktails!!i love,love,love the cocktails!!

#3. Afrochic Boutique Retreat - Set in a beautifully landscaped garden between the crystal waters of the pool and the white sand of the adjacent beach, this hotel boasts a two level gazebo ideal for candlelight dining as well as facilities for garden/beach breakfast service or barbecue dining.

 #2. Leopard Beach Hotel & Spa - This resort not only is it gorgeous but the service is beyond fantastic!!They are clean,have great fruit cocktails and wait till you see their spa!!!OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Leopard Beach gives you that paradise  feeling that we all want to feel when you go on holiday.For everyone reading this blog, i honestly request that if you are planning on going for a holiday,let this place be your number 1 destination.For sure, it will not disappoint.

#1.Diani Reef Beach Hotel & Spa - Where do i begin with Diani Reef,not only do they have great food,fabulous rooms,amazing service etc they have an awesome entertainment group.This guys can dance almost as good as Michael Jackson! They always have this animations done with towels then they place them on your bed with rose petals spread on the bed.It sooooo romantic!What i love most about them is that they have this "Diani reef tune" which plays softly in the room,of course its automated but you can shut it off if you want to...but i can assure you will not!In all the Spa's i have visited in my travel life, i have never seen an eccentric sap as Diani Reef's, so i do not doubt why they are rated as Number 1!!!

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  2. Waw these are too nice hotels thanks for sharing this information it will be help me for book hotel in kenya......


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