Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Cities About To Sink...so they say!

Often said but probably not enough is that the earth is changing and some day some parts of the world may become the next Atlantis.This is not a myth or a story, it is nothing short of plain reality.

#7. Bangkok, Thailand - According to Thai scientist Dr. Ajong Chumsai na Ayudhya, sinking of  Bangkok can best be explained by global warming. Deforestation and kept emitting greenhouse gases are part of the reasons as to why with less than a decade to spare, time might be running out for a trip to Thailand’s most popular tourist getaway.

#6.New York City, USA - I have never seen the Statue of Liberty or been dazzled by the lights of Times Square, i think now's the time.Just like Bangkok, America's densely populated city is bound to suffer effects of global warming. Science Daily reports that the sea levels in the New York City area are expected to rise about twice as quickly as sea levels around the world, meaning that Gotham will take the plunge well before the rest of the United States.

#5.Huston Texas, USA -  An interesting fact, America’s fourth-largest city was built on a foundation of sand. Literally.This city has become a major energy hub and the taking-off point for U.S. space exploration.Oil extraction from the city's foundation is also a cause to the city taking a plunge.

#4.Shanghai, China - Located on China's coast, this sprawling city was built on swamplands surrounding the mouth of the Yangze River.Over the years Shanghai has experienced great development and expansion to cater for the ever increasing population, especially form the 20th century onwards.According to PBS, Shanghai sank roughly eight feet between 1921 and 1965, which equals about two inches per year. The city still continues to drop at a rate of about half an inch per year.

#3.New Orleans, Louisiana USA - It wasn't until after Hurricane Katrina that experts really took note of New Orleans' downhill situation. In 2006, National Geographic reported that the city sank about a quarter of an inch per year in the years leading up to Hurricane Katrina, while the levees designed to protect the city from the Gulf sank at four or five times that rate, exacerbating the long-term effects of the storm. According to a report issued in 2009 by the National Academy of Engineering and the National Research Council, "Levees and floodwalls surrounding New Orleans … cannot provide absolute protection against overtopping or failure in extreme events. … If relocation is not feasible, an alternative would be to elevate the first floor of buildings to at least the 100-year flood level."

#2. Venice, Italy -  Preserving Venice has been a priority of the Italian Government for about 30 years. Several billion euros have been dedicated to a flood defense system, the MOSE Project, which is expected to be completed in 2011 or 2012. However, some experts claim that the only way to save the city is to move it altogether.So if you plan on ever seeing this place, the time is now!!!!

#1.Mexico City, Mexico - Resting on a fickle lake bed in the Valley of Mexico, Mexico City has been facing the possibility of going under for centuries.according to geologists, there are parts of this massive metropolis that are sinking by as much as eight inches per year. Because of a lack of sufficient drainage, the city was heavily prone to flooding from groundwater flowing down from the surrounding mountains, leading to the construction of a vast underground drainage system.However, there are several  projects that sre ongoing to try and stop the city from drowning.

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  1. This global warming thing should be taken very serious!I am quite scared at the thought of my city - New York drowning!Alexis James


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