Friday, July 20, 2012

Untapped Destinations and Unique Attractions

Recently a place known as Terra Encantada, An Abandoned Theme Park in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil made news after a feature from The thing that caught my eye about this abandoned theme park is the fact that it sits only a short distance to where in 2016 the Olympics will be held; Rio de Janeiro. The thought of an attraction like this, after being opened in 1998, it was abandoned due to a bad accident of a 61-year old woman being killed after being thrown from a ride and an investigation uncovering multiple engineering and maintenance failures led to it being shut down and abandoned....
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This led me to thinking of which places in Kenya do we have that could turn into fortune makers but somehow we are blind to that fact either because of a past negative event or simply because we choose not to think of the potential of that destination, we could be missing out! Think of it, Kenya has 47 counties as of now, and out of those 47, only about 10 of these can say they are maximizing on the attractions they have to bring in a good amount of income?

Previously I did a post on most talked about attractions inAfrica and this same question seemed to pop up? Have we explored our areas to the maximum? What can we do to bring them to life? What life can is there to bring more to that life?

I am not only talking to the people in Kenya and Africa, as you read this article...there ought to be that one fine outstanding thing about your area that is striking and makes you different from other areas? Are you using it to show the world your home? Even if it is not for an economical gain, just for the sake of appreciating where you come from... 

Nairobi National Park - The only Nationl Park in the world within a City!
What uniqueness can be found in your home town area that you feel makes it outstanding and the rest of the world should know? It could be a special cocktail, a unique dancing move or how people enjoy riding bicycles, or maybe it could be the way you great (salute) each other when you meet in the market place / town? Or maybe it just could be......tell us!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Dirtiest Things in a Hotel Room Revealed!

Recently, I read an article on yahoo news that left me in total surprise. If anyone asked you which place or what item you thought would have the most dirt in a hotel room, I bet your response would probably be the toilet, sink or bathroom? However this seems not to be the case. 

According to a research that had been done by microbiologists at the University of Houston indicated that TV remotes and light switches were among the most contaminated items in hotel rooms! read right! 

The research indicated that even though housekeepers spend about 30 minutes cleaning each hotel room, the highest level of contamination were found in their cleaning cart, specifically on the mop and sponge, which is a big problem because it means that bacteria are carried from room to room.

I am a bit of a clean freak and I have to admit that I actually never thought of TV remotes being dirty! I always assumed that the door knob would be dirt and of course....the toilet and bathroom areas!

The research also showed that the lowest levels of bacteria were found on the headboard, curtain rods and bathroom door handle. Can you believe that?! For more on this story, click here.

I usually carry a small bottle of sanitizer in my bag to try and fight of germs. It sounds and looks weird especially when you see me rubbing the sanitizing gel on my hands but hey...I am just trying to protect myself from diseases. Do you have any tips on cleanliness in hotels and in general?