Friday, April 27, 2012

Most Talked About Attractions in Africa

Today I got a very interesting list of most talked about attractions according to the trip advisor website visitors/members over the past year. My first impression of this list was.....really?!! But this also made me question which attractions in Kenya besides the Masai Mara are worth being on such a list?

#Attraction 1
Table Mountain, Cape Town Central - South Africa

#Attraction 2
Majorelle Garden (Jardin Majorelle) Marrakech, Morroco
 After boxing my brains out, I thought of the well known Kituluni Hill in Kenya's Eastern Province (Ukambani) where the area is known to have no earth gravity in other words the hill is anti-gravity. :) :)
(I am yet to see it but as soon as I do, I will let you know.)

Kituluni Hill
So what place do you think would stand out as a unique attraction in your area or in any area at all?


  1. I think Kenya's attractions should make it to this lists! Although the travel barns are not making it easy....great post. :)

  2. South Africa Tourism board spends alot in marketing SA, Kenya's tourism board should do the same. Carol

  3. Interesting spots, Murugi. I live on the west coast of Canada and our scenery is full of the ocean, the coastal mountains and lots of greenery (we get a long rainy season which helps).

    Love these posts you feature!


Thank you for your comments. I highly appreciate.