Thursday, April 19, 2012

My Top 5 Places in Lake Naivasha

Usually when I want to go for a short weekend getaway, the first place that comes in my mind; the Lake Naivasha Area. Mainly because Naivasha not only has very many lodges, hotels and Camp sites but it also has some of the most exciting activities that I can do to relax such us, rock climbing, cycling in Hell’s Gate Park, nature walks and so much more! It is also a very pocket friendly destination, where you will spend an average of KES 5,000 (approx US$ 65) per person per night on full board.

My Top 5 places in Lake Naivasha 
Chui Lodge
5. Chui Lodge – Besides being homely and sweet, it is also in the Oserian Sanctuary which i must say is beyond breathless, although a bit expensive, it is the perfect place for that “I want to spend my dosh  this weekend!” kind of place.

4. Elsamere – Truth be told i have always had a soft spot for Elsamere.  Maybe it is because I am a sucker for history and truth be told, Joy Adamson had a lovely life story with Elsa the lion and spending time in Elsamere, only makes me feel like I knew Joy and George and their conservation work..hehehe! I know, you must be thinking “of course you feel like you knew her because of the movie – Born Free” lol

Great Rift Valley Lodge and Golf Resort
3. Rift Valley Lodge and Golf Resort - Ok...I enjoy watching people play golf and even though I do not play myself, this is the perfect escapade to do just that. From the unbelievable neat moaned lawns to the serenity green grass and the breathtaking cottages, this is the perfect family getaway.

2. Enashipai – This place was an instant hit the moment their launched into the market, probably it has to do with their awesome spa or perhaps it is the excellent service offered , this place does live up to the 5 star category!
Lake Naivasha Crescent Camp
1. Lake Naivasha Crescent Camp – I must think this is my number one simply because it is new....which is partly true but this place has its true form of connecting with nature. It is simple, way too pocket friendly and has amazing views!! I think it is the tents that give me a Maasai Mara feeling or it is the waking up to birds singing that makes me know this place is amazing. It is not overly exaggerated or overly priced too and of course with the current economy...let’s just say you will be getting your money’s worth and so, so much more!  

So, which are your quick getaway destinations and why are they you preferred getaways?


  1. First time around. I like your blog! Got the link off twitter from Top Kenyan Blogs. I'll certainly be visiting Naivasha soon.

  2. And to answer your question, my quick get away destinations are Diani, Kilifi and Malindi because they're so beautiful and close to Mombasa where I live.

    1. Thanks so much for your stopping by shiko. Much appreciation. :)


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