About Me

I am a daughter, sister, wife and mother of one beautiful girl. I am an E-commerce and Marketing executive, blogger and aspires to become an author very soon.I have plans of making films and hopes of doing it very soon. I love to travel, I am an environmentalist and believe's in conserving our natural resources.I am interested in science,travel,fashion, music,tennis,soccer and movies.
To my blog; I blog about travel and everything that has to do with travel. Particularly travel within Kenya, my homeland. I am obsessed with traveling and I hope I can pass the obsession and addiction to you!

My blog currently has two other pages;

(a) Her Gadgets - Which features all cool gadgets in the market that are essential for and when you travel .
(b) Her Lifestyle - Which talks about people and their travel lifestyles among other aspects of travel with a keen interest on their travel in Kenya. 

My hopes are that one day I will make the world see Africa (Kenya mostly) in a different light and not a continent where dystopia is rooted!

All said and done,I am proudly African and I am also proudly Kenyan.

*After reading what i have written above, makes me feel like an advert in between the 9pm news!*