Monday, May 26, 2014

What determines a perfect holiday getaway?

Every-time you think of going on holiday, alot needs to be considered, however the one things that should never miss on that list, should be FUN! The thought of going on holiday is always a thrill considering you will be visiting somewhere different however the planning and nitty-gritty details...not so much!

Tips on choosing the perfect getaway

1. What's your fancy?
You want to go on holiday but to where? Beach or Safari? Mountain climbing  or gorilla trekking? This is one of the main things to think about when planning a holiday. You need to pick a destination that you fancy, activities that you will enjoy as this will hold your key to your main  agenda, FUN!

2. Who are you traveling with?
Even though this question is mostly overlooked, it is important to understand who you are traveling with and what their enjoy! If you are going on holiday as a family with kids and you all love the beach, then you may want to consider resorts at the beach which have children facilities and programmes such as Watamu beach's Turtle Bay Beach club or Diani beach's, Leopard beach or if you plan on going on a safari, there are certain lodges that do not carter for young kids below 8 years!

3. How much time do you have and when do you wish to travel?
To get a good deal on your  travel you need to know how much time you have for traveling so that you can ride on offers hotels have with common ones such as pay for 3 nights and get 4th night for free? You also need to get the seasons right! What do i mean by getting "the season right"? Most off-peak season periods are almost an assured guarantee that you will get your accommodation/ flight ticket at a much lower price, it also means you can visit the normally "very expensive" destinations at a much better price.

4. What is your budget?
I think this is very straight forward. There is nothing as bad as visiting a place where you spend all your money on accommodation and are left with none to use on activities or a place where you will spend what you had not planned for and after the vacation your left battling with your other bills because you spent all your money while on the trip! It is nice to visit a place within your budget, as this will ensure a comfortable stay, that which will not cause you any ulcers later.

5. What’s the purpose of your trip?
Are you looking into learning something new, like skiing or scuba diving or wildlife conservation? Are you looking for some alone time, bonding time with your partner or family? It is important that when your trip comes to an end, you are left feeling that you achieved your goal. There is nothing worse than a trip coming to a halt and instead of wanting it to last another instead can't wait to get home.

A trip is supposed to create a memorable time, one that made you relax, enjoy, have fun doing the NOT ordinary routine of your everyday life. It is thus why I say; when you plan a trip...give it your all! Make sure it will be a moment in your life that you will treasure forever!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Haven't you heard....we are still a great destination!

I used to be one of those people who would visit a blog and wonder why do they take so long before they update it? Now, I realise it’s just that you end up with 1001 things to do and you end up carrying a guilty conscious of not blogging like you are supposed to.

This week, I’ve decided to display some of my fave safari and beach images, just as a reminder that even though Kenya has lately been depicted as an insecure country and has even been slapped with some travel bans by some countries, well we never stop being the number 1 holiday destination. 

 And for those of you who were thinking of coming to Kenya but are now having doubts, take it from me……there’s always two sides to a coin, the security has been tightened and you really need not fear!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Golfing in Kenya: A mine we are yet to deeply explore?

Due to the nature of my work(tourism), I recently got to do some research on golfing in Kenya and this had me in thoughts! And I mean many many thoughts...

Kenya is mostly known for her wildlife and as safari destination, however, did you know that she's home to over 40 golf courses evenly distributed across the country of which 12 of them have been used to celebrate international world tournaments?! In fact in  2009, Kenya was awarded IAGTO's - Best Undiscovered Golf Destination!

In my opinion i feel that we as a country may have not utilised that award very well, considering that Golf is undoubtedly one of the world's best traveling sports!

Golf offers the chance to relax and unwind in a natural environment while participating in a highly competitive and skilled game. For the golfer seeking a diverse range of golf courses, combined with the best wild life safaris in the world and white sandy beaches, world class standards and service, Kenya is the perfect choice.

The question posed to especially our tourism board is can we start selling Kenya as world class golfing destination? If going by the newly developed Vipingo Ridge world class golf course at the coast is our future, should this not be a project if well utilised could aid a change in our tourism?

Lupita Nyong├│  has already set the ball rolling with her Oscar win giving the country numerous mentions across the world thus creating great publicity for Kenya, so why not give the world something new (golfing destination) instead of what they already know (wildlife safaris) !

So... #TeamKenya, should we change how this game of marketing our country, or what do you think?

Monday, February 24, 2014

Types of Safaris in Kenya that you may not know exist?

When someone tells you that they are going for a safari to either Uganda or Rwanda, usually the question that follows is “Are you going for a Gorilla trekking safari?”

When most people are told of a safaring in Kenya, what comes to mind is the game parks and wildlife viewing or soaking up the sun on the tropical beaches. However, did you know that Kenya offers these?

Horseback Safaris: 

The main attraction of horse safari is the joy of riding good horses in the wild as you enjoy the landscapes dotted with game. The riding is varied, sometimes quietly walking, stalking big game and admiring the bird life, sometimes cantering through the water-meadows alongside the game! These kinds of safaris are mainly popular in Laikipia and Masai Mara.

Camel Riding Safaris:

As in the Horseback safaris, these are more aligned to being walking safaris aided by camels. These kinds of safaris are usually done in eastern Laikipia, an area north of Mt. Kenya known for its wilderness and wildlife. 

Biking Safaris: 

Biking safaris are mostly done in areas around the lake-parks, that is in Hell’s gate – Lake Naivasha Park and in Lake Nakuru National Park. Most biking safaris are aimed at people who will in the course of the safari do a hike, rock climbing or bird watching, thus you can see where the two “Lake area Parks” come in.  

Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day!

Wishing you all a lovely Valentine's day!

With Love,
Murugi Njehia