Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Golfing in Kenya: A mine we are yet to deeply explore?

Due to the nature of my work(tourism), I recently got to do some research on golfing in Kenya and this had me in thoughts! And I mean many many thoughts...

Kenya is mostly known for her wildlife and as safari destination, however, did you know that she's home to over 40 golf courses evenly distributed across the country of which 12 of them have been used to celebrate international world tournaments?! In fact in  2009, Kenya was awarded IAGTO's - Best Undiscovered Golf Destination!

In my opinion i feel that we as a country may have not utilised that award very well, considering that Golf is undoubtedly one of the world's best traveling sports!

Golf offers the chance to relax and unwind in a natural environment while participating in a highly competitive and skilled game. For the golfer seeking a diverse range of golf courses, combined with the best wild life safaris in the world and white sandy beaches, world class standards and service, Kenya is the perfect choice.

The question posed to especially our tourism board is can we start selling Kenya as world class golfing destination? If going by the newly developed Vipingo Ridge world class golf course at the coast is our future, should this not be a project if well utilised could aid a change in our tourism?

Lupita Nyong├│  has already set the ball rolling with her Oscar win giving the country numerous mentions across the world thus creating great publicity for Kenya, so why not give the world something new (golfing destination) instead of what they already know (wildlife safaris) !

So... #TeamKenya, should we change how this game of marketing our country, or what do you think?

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