Monday, February 24, 2014

Types of Safaris in Kenya that you may not know exist?

When someone tells you that they are going for a safari to either Uganda or Rwanda, usually the question that follows is “Are you going for a Gorilla trekking safari?”

When most people are told of a safaring in Kenya, what comes to mind is the game parks and wildlife viewing or soaking up the sun on the tropical beaches. However, did you know that Kenya offers these?

Horseback Safaris: 

The main attraction of horse safari is the joy of riding good horses in the wild as you enjoy the landscapes dotted with game. The riding is varied, sometimes quietly walking, stalking big game and admiring the bird life, sometimes cantering through the water-meadows alongside the game! These kinds of safaris are mainly popular in Laikipia and Masai Mara.

Camel Riding Safaris:

As in the Horseback safaris, these are more aligned to being walking safaris aided by camels. These kinds of safaris are usually done in eastern Laikipia, an area north of Mt. Kenya known for its wilderness and wildlife. 

Biking Safaris: 

Biking safaris are mostly done in areas around the lake-parks, that is in Hell’s gate – Lake Naivasha Park and in Lake Nakuru National Park. Most biking safaris are aimed at people who will in the course of the safari do a hike, rock climbing or bird watching, thus you can see where the two “Lake area Parks” come in.  

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