Monday, April 2, 2012

Am I too late for April?

My past two blogs have somehow mentioned my poor time planning and how somehow I haven't manage to do frequent blog posts as i used to... and once again i got a rude reminder today when I logged into my blog and saw all my friends have already started the April blogger's challenge and yes...i totally forgot that we are in April! I know what (teeeeeeee) censored.  However, I may be late on the challenge but I do know I am not late to check out all of those blogs of bloggers who are participating in the challenge.

On to my first April post, the weather in Nairobi has taken an absolute turn! After 4 months of 32 degrees of heat...the rains have finally popped up. For us this is great because it means we are back to green thus not only will the issue of drought stop but it also means it's green in our game reserves and parks therefore our wildlife will enjoy the benefits.

April also means reduced travel prices as the low season runs from April till end of June. For those who may not know, if you wish to tour and travel in Kenya this is usually the best time as most lodges and hotels have the most offers plus their prices are usually reduced by almost a staggering 40%. For budget travelers, my suggestion is usually take advantage now ans this period only lasts for 3 months in an year calender, so if this passes... you will have to wait until next year (which might not happen considering people think 2012 is the end of the world -LOL)

So, even though I am two days late in April, at least I still have 28 days left of it. So is there anyone other than me loosing count of the days of late?


  1. It helps that I have a calendar in front of me by my writing place (the desk). I lose less days that way.

    Get writing, then, I'd like to hear more about Nairobi or Kenya, having never visited there, or do you have a theme?

    Nice to have you on board the Challenge!

    1. Thanks for your comment, I will hop on all the blogs who have taken up the challange. :)


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