Friday, October 8, 2010

Kenya's Best of the Best :ISLANDS

According to Wikipedia, an Island is any piece of sub-continental land that is surrounded by water. Amongst Kenya's many features its the island that contribute to making Kenya as a country. These islands are major touristic attractions, due to the rich cultural backgrounds they still reserve and the everlasting passion,romance and the ripe obscene serenity that they give those who visit the islands.Take a trip with your eyes, then decide which among these islands you are visiting next.....!

Small private island with a "romantic" theme. Located about 600 meters from the mainland,offers white sandy beach and blue waters, tropical rainforest, a wealth of animals, bird life and sulphur springs. The perfect romantic getaway that you have been dying for!

FUNZI ISLAND - Adventure
Located on the Southern coast of Mombasa, the unique remotness of the island  and its proximity to Kisite Mpunguti Marine Park is great for guests who are intrested in snorkel or diving. The area also gives good opportunity to watch birds,dolphins and crocodiles around Ramisi River, while on a boat trip.Funzi would be great for people interested in adventure and nature.

3. LAMU ISLAND - History
Lamu is a historical town with many old buildings, narrow streets and a friendly Arab population. It has long been a trading center and as far back the 11th Century dhows sailed along the East African coast to Arabia, Persia and India. With the abolition of slavery in 1907 the economy of the island went into decline. In the early 1970s, the area was re- discovered by 'hippies,' who loved the easy going attitude of its people and the island's ambiance. The Lamu people have retained their "Arabic" culture and this is the only town in Kenya where you will not find a single car or public transport vehicles.

4. MANDA BAY - Exotic 
Mand bay lies just across from Lamu Island and accommodates the airstrip which services both islands. This is what i love to call "The hidden heaven on earth" If you dare feel you want to get pampered and be recognised as a gem, a milion dollar baby,this is where to get that feeling!!!


  1. Hi Angela,
    thank you for pointing out the other side of Kenya that I personally did not know existed. Hope to visit some of these gorgeous places some day.

  2. Hi Jackie, thanks for your comment.It is true that Kenya has beautiful places and i believe we should all try and see them especially if you are in Kenya.Something like "taking pride in what you got."That "someday" will come and you will get to see these places.cheers!

  3. Hi Gal!!
    Very nice and informative, love the information!! Will keep reading and keep it up, Ciao!!
    Moses Bunyi

  4. Hey Moses,Thanks for the comment. I highly appreciate and do read more!

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