Wednesday, January 19, 2011

All Golden - Animal Metallicism

Gold has always been and will always be among my favorite "colours" !Having said that, look at this beautiful golden animals....

1. Golden Bettle

2. Golden Jumping Spiders

3. Golden Monarch Butterfly Chrysalis

4. Golden Fish

5. Golden Poison- Dart Frog

6. Gold Tegu Lizard

7. Golden Snakes

8. Golden Marmoset

9. Golden Weaver Bird

10. Golden Bond Girl - This is a funny one! The girl from James Bond - Goldfinger, whose character died due to skin suffocation!

For more information on golden animals you can look up considering i got the pictures from there!


  1. Fascinating photos! The last one is great!:) I am terrified of spiders though so they gave me a bit of a start!:) We live in such a beautiful world filled with unique things!
    Lovely blog!

  2. The snake, fish & beetles look way cool!

    What would you know! Of all the Bond movies (I'm not a big fan) this girl with the paint that killed her is the only memory that stayed in my mind.

  3. what? i love gold and i love insects!! this is heaven! all i need is them to be in form of jewelry and am good to go! :)

  4. Haiya that snake is looking cool!

  5. @Collen Thanks!the world is beautiful! @The spinster @Shiko-Msa..i know the snake is amazing!@ Nancie..LOL i agree gold is cool esp inform of Jewelry!


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