Monday, January 17, 2011

Dolphin Slaughter in Japan

It has been a while since i spoke about animal cruelty and recent piece of articles were brought to my attention by a friend of mine and it was too bloody that i had to ask myself, have human beings lost their minds?! Apparently, in Taiji dolphins are being massacred all in the name of culture!

Believe it or not..the red is blood!Dolphin blood!!
I salute Mr. Richard O' Barry  the director of, a campaign conducted by the International Marine Mammal Project of Earth Island Institute which was formed to put an end to the Japanese drive fishery slaughter of dolphins and stop the capture and live trade of dolphins to zoos and aquariums around the world.

Many people in Japan are against the slaughter but fear to speak out  due to the consequences such as loosing your job, friends and even family! This weekend saw a turn of events when 6 very brave Japanese women took to the streets to demonstrate against the killing! In Australia, supporters of the cause have vowed to demonstrate weekly outside the Japan embassy in the hope of their cause being heard one day....

The facts estimate about  2300 dolphins are killed per year in Taiji! This alone leaves me speechless due to shock, anger and alot of feelings that i cannot explain...Something needs to be done!!!

STOP DOLPHIN MURDER!! Murder is murder whether an animal or not....


  1. This is completely disgusting...Dolphins have saved countless human lives from shark attacks and this is how we repay them? I am so ashamed of being a member of the human family. First, we destroy their habitat and poison them by dumping toxic waste into the seas, then we torture and murder dolphins in the most atrocious and cruel methods....then finally poison people by feeding them on dolphin meat which has 200% more in lethal amounts of mercury.....The Japanese have to stop...Dolphins have as much right to be on the planet as humans do.I signed a petition to stop them after watching a movie called "The cove" It brought this story to light. Here's a link...

  2. this is sad! wtf??? they are so adorable and they kill them!!!

  3. @Gabrielle..yes it is truly disgusting & merciless @Nancie..yes gal, murder!!!

  4. hm, why should anyone loose a job for such a reason as you write? If that is so, then the japanese has to rethink.

  5. Poor innocent creatures I do hope someone can stop the killing,they even kill the poor babies.Please watch THE COVE it is so so sad.


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