Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Best of Mount Kenya

Have you ever had a call that really inspired you or even met someone who made you feel amazingly inspired?Today, i got on of those calls and thanks to that call, it inspired me to actually share this amazing info about an awesome Mt. Kenya located cabin! Rutundu Log Cabins.

Rutundu Log cabins  are located on the rim of Lake Rutundu, overlooking the northeastern side of Mount Kenya. The place has two log cabins which are very spacious, each with ensuite bathrooms and open log fires.

The decor creates that pure" natural - homely" feeling that almost makes you want to cuddle and enjoy hot chocolate as you watch the fire place. There are a number of activities that you could undertake such as walking,fishing,birdwatching and horse riding!  In short  for all you nature lovers this is what i call a Nature Lover's sacred heaven...and my good friend who called me today, you need to get yourself up there!If not,i think i will find a mob to drag you up there.....

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