Monday, July 5, 2010

Relationship securites...

Being a Monday, nobody ever wants to get up and especially knowing that im just going to sit in traffic for about an hour before i get to the office.As it mostly happens, the matatu i boarded had speakers loud and very familiar voices which i know to heart, once again talking to me!Maina Kageni and Joseph Kingangi! The discussion topic of the day was some of the things that men "must have"  and women should look out for those qualities!As  Maina read out the point no1-7, i could not stop nodding my head in agreement.This sounded like gospel to my ears! Out of the 7 points , 4 really caught my attention!

1. You must be able to provide financially. Men look at it as though women are just being "gold diggers" but the truth is women just want you to take charge of you duties!You know how all men always quote that phrase in the bible that says "women must submit to their men" well, interestingly, if the men would continue to read on that chapter it also gets to state that a man should provide for his family! We have had cases of men not leaving money in the house and expecting to find food at the table at the end of the day!Is that woman supposed to do some magic for the food to appear on the table?

2. Looking good in terms of, dressing, cleanliness, tidiness, fashion conscious, smelling good (sweat is a killer) and most of all handsome and flat tummy. Men take this point very lightly, but here is a woman's point of view!The tummy doesn't work in your favor when it comes to bedroom exercise! It only adds to my reasons as to why i should find other ways to fill my pleasure!So stop lying to yourself about how you will look you have money, the way people will think you are doing well blah blah blah..all that is a big fat fib.

3.Give her freedom. Every woman dies for freedom. We hate stalkers and people who cannot give you time to breathe!We hate you calling us 300 times and sending texts just to find out where we are!We hate it wen you call our friends and family members just to know our whereabouts.. twice, thrice a day is normal, more than plain insanity.

4. Grow up. Plain and simple i have your kids, i do not need you to be one of them. Be a man, a father, a grown and however cold this may not your mother!!!

After all is said and done, men they had a point, if you did not get it you are way out of the league and i can firmly assure you that you will never get a permanent woman and if you have one, its just a matter of time she realizes you will never change therefore she will find alternatives to the relationship.So my dear men, please savage what you have and those on the hunt...act smart.!

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