Monday, July 12, 2010

South Africa you made me proud..Spain you made me extra proud!

Most people in the world probably thought South Africa could not pull it off.Most people in the world probably thought Spain could not pull it off!Amazing statistics kept on saying Africa was not ready and the same for Spain.."Spain are not strong enough!" But after a whole month of football play..this is the picture we all have stuck in our minds and this is the same picture that will be used as a memory of the magnificent 2010 world cup win!

After losing their first group stage game, Spanish fans had almost given hope and after a spectacular 1-0 win against the dutch, the Spanish Hail Marys proved to have worked! The arsenal midfielder who created the pass to Inesita who scored, admitted that he was frustrated that he would only come in as a substitute, but in the end it all paid off. He dedicated the win to his family and more so to his beloved fans!

Its moments like this that make us all wish we were football stars but on the other hand, its such moments that remain haunting us forever like it was a case for the Netherlands team....

All said and done there had to be a winner and a looser!The great man had to take the golden medal home and it was bravo to South Africa, how you handled the tournament you made Africa proud!It is my hope, that East Africa, esp Kenya may some day get to host the world cup but for now, join me as we stand up to appreciate the ever amazing SPAIN!!

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