Monday, July 19, 2010

World's Most Powerful...

If you thought money doesn't bring you power, well think again!Forbes international once again did their annual survey of who is among the celebrities top ranking when it comes to the pay slip!With a peek at the results i realized every year the figures just seem to increase!
1. Oprah Winfrey US$ 315 M

 Regardless her announcing that she was retiring... this woman is bound to appear again and again on this list.She has her feet set firm on the millions and has a very strong threshold of business. She has proven that will power, determination and a positive attitude can take you anywhere and everywhere you want or dream of being. Shes an exact black and white example of the Cinderella story,only there is no prince charming to accredit her success but only her stupendous determination.

2. Beyonce Knowles US$ 87 M

This woman has truly defined what a diva is.Going by my own statistics, she is what every woman wants and aspires to be.
Rich,strong,talented,beautiful,intelligent,home maker and very composed. She has proved (so far) that you can be famous, have a "travel through out" career and yet hold down a long lasting relationship. However she does it, shes an inspiration to many..and we are admirable to her! Well done deserve the $$$!!

3. James Cameron US$ 210

Most of you may be asking yourselves..who is James Cameron? For thos e of you who are movie and theater fanatics, its to your best interest to stand up for this movie guru, he is the man behind the ever top earning movies the 1997 Taitanic and the 2009 Avatar! This man is a true legend, and his creativity to bring a script to life has definitely proved why his pay is that much..  

4. Lady Gaga US$62 M

The queen of wired, yet the queen of great music! This profound lady has faced all sorts of criticism from all corners of the world and yet she debuts on this list at number 4!Even though her life maybe very controversial, Lady gaga has taken the world by a storm.She has entertained and channeled entertainment to a brand new dimension. Her strange videos, confusing outfits, interesting personality and amazing music has obviously worked to her favor and bank account.....

5.Tiger woods US$ 105 M 

You would expect with all the drama this man has had,his payslip would not amount to this!I think somethings only superstars can get away with  negative press coverage.I justify my thought because if you take the case of Mr. Woods having a sex scandal, then divorce and all the negative press, you as an ordinary person would not even have a job, let alone your wife/spouse!But due to his golfing and investments, Mr Woods savaged Number 5 and clearly show casing that he definitely has got the power! And he aint going no wher,negative press or not!

6.Britney Spears US$ 64 M

This Lady is my financial hero!Can you even believe she is on this list!TOP 10 for that matter?! In my life, i have never met or seen any celebrity who can recover from negative bad press like her! She has been abused, mocked and treated as dirt. We have all watched and witnessed her go from sweet to sexy to mummy to crazy n back to hero!As a teenager, she was my idol and still to date she remains on my top 10!I saw her shave her hair and go bald, we all saw her go to court and fight for her kids from that ..Kevin Federline, if i have the name right and we all saw her return with amazing hits as womanizer, if you seek Amy,3, etc!As her lyrics to the song stronger" now im stronger than yesterday...." She is truly stronger day by day!Well done Brit, you have well earned those dollars!

7.U2 US$ 130

This is a rock group and a half!This guys have been in existence since the 80's and up till now we can rock to their music! My fave song of all time from them is "Beautiful day"!These outstanding rockers made it to the list with a figure of 
US$ 130 M!! If i were them i would probably sing till i die!..My hope is they take my advice into consideration..

8.Sandra Bullock US$ 56

I am actually struggling to find words to comment about the Miss congeniality,crash, speed,while you were away movie star! Madam Bullock is those people who i love to call"more than a pretty face"!She very brave considering shes won a golden globe award and an Academy award and controversially won a Razzie award for worst actress!You know if i was an actress, and got nominated for a Razzie worst award i would not show my face there! Never ever and she did, then later had to return it not because they had changed their minds, but coz she had been given an original trophy!Bull Crap..if i were her i never would give it back to them !!In any case, the now divorcee, is a proud mum, and rich one for that matter... 

9. Johnny Depp US$ 75

The 21 Jump street star has become a household name with films such as Pirate
of the Caribbean and now, the Disney film Alice in wonderland The film has grossed $1 billion at the worldwide box office, making Depp the only actor to headline two $1 billion film! So basically beside his hard work, handsome looks, we can understand why he is ranked number 9.
 10. Madonna US$ 58 M

The 52 year old Material Girl isn't quite ready to step aside for young pop followers such us Lady Gaga or Britney Spears! The 52-year-old singer had the fourth highest-grossing tour of 2009, bringing in $6 million a night and $138 million overall. An episode of the Fox hit sitcom Glee, which featured cast members singing several of her songs, added to her already high profile and cushioned her significant earnings from publishing royalties..Madge is one of those "forever " stars and i still expect to find her on this list next year!

This are my thoughts on the most powerful ranked celebrities, whats your say??

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