Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A married woman's world...

 The other day i got one of those email forwards that we always get and it got me thinking, why are the men in our society letting women be men?!Doesnt make sense?!Let me help you in making sense. A woman has to wake up earlier than everyone else in the home so she can make sure you're all feed , make sure you all get to school n work at the right time, make sure your clothes r clean, tidy and ironed!Then follows the house hold chores, which by the way never end then i have to look smart and get to the office (bare in mind, she has too keep time!or shes yelled at or worse.... fired!!!)After a long tiring day, she has too come home prepare food to fill your stomachs, wash dishes n tidy up the house, work on the payment bills,and just when she thinks she can take a break...the man will want to jump on her!!Well come on...!! Sometimes just give the woman a break..it aint easy being a woman...So bottom line is are most single women anxious to get married coz of the society pressure but when they get there they want out?Just like the saying goes, those who are not in it,want in whereas those in it,want out? 

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