Friday, December 10, 2010

Top 5 World's Best Party Cities

I am pretty sure if you are like me you thought that Kenya was the ultimate party place.According to the below are top on the box for cities who just love to party.In short their middle name is "Kujivinjari"

These cities make good touristic places and if your particular interest while travelling is the nightlife, then your next trip should be one of the below:

 1.Bangkok - Well what do you know, besides Bangkok being a good shopping place, good cultural tourism it is also great for partying!

2. Reykjavik -Believe it or not, this Icelandic capital city is a party place!who would have thought?!!I always pictured Iceland to be a place where people just stay indoors and get cozy infront of T.V sets!How wrong i was....

3. Marrakech - Even though this is an Islamic city,they have great belly dancers!Its a good place to visit especially if you are into cultures and while at it you can party! Marrakech has a relaxed attitude toward alcohol and, as such, happily boasts its belly dancers at countless lounges and discos throughout the city. A plethora of bars and clubs stay open late to meet the demand of travelers seeking a healthy shot of Mediterranean fun.

4. New York City - Do i even need to say anything about New York?Great place to shop, to go on tour, to go meet the superstars etc
5.Ibiza(San Antonio and Around) - This reminds me of a song that "Venga boys"a 90's pop group sung! "Ooo we going to Ibiza...Ooo we gonna have a good time" Ibiza boasts stunning beaches an infinite string of sunny days and festivals so raucous they'll fire the imagination of even the most jaded partygoers. The alarmingly hardcore party scene begins each evening on Sunset Strip and carries on all night in the festive West End section.

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