Monday, December 20, 2010

Singapore The City State...

Singapore is a city state found in Southeast Asia.It was founded by the British as a trading colony.Singapore, known for having the world's busiest port, is listed among the world's most prosperous countries.It is a secular city state with a multicultural population with Chinese,Indians,Muslims and Christians.

By now you must be wondering why i am telling you about this marvellous country? Well, my interest in this state was purely driven by the advert that they have running on CNN! The place looks like heaven on earth and thus the reason why i had to research more about Singapore. Interestingly enough, this once a colony trading zone,is a hub for business men and leisure tourists.

Singapore is well know for it's cuisine, island resorts, shopping malls, nightlife and nature world.

To compete with it's Asian rivals such as Hong Kong,Tokyo and Shanghai, Singapore promises to revamp the city giving it a new look and giving its visitors something to look forward to.....

I have never been that interested in visiting Asian countries but i must say that Singapore definitely creates raw and fresh interest in me.It is unique,beautiful, developed and i must add a reason why Asia is a force to reckon in the tourism industry.

Bravo Singapore!


  1. yeah i've heard stories about singapore....its def a place to visit!!

  2. I know, plus i think being in Kenya it will be easier to visit Singapore other than Rome!LOL


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