Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Loos with a view..

I am pretty sure you are wondering what is she writing about?! Take a minute and think about it before you judge.The place you need most relaxation is the loo and the bathroom,hence why people go in there with newspapers,magazines,others even opt for soft soothing music.

The truth is that i stumbled upon this article that was talking about toilets with great scenes, follow the link for pictures: Loos with a view ,and i thought to myself, i am one of the lucky people in the world to have experienced using a loo with a scene and a taking a shower with a scene!   

This was at Kenya's very own IL Ngwesi Lodge in Laikipia. This place is on a private ranch between Lewa and Isiolo.Its absolutely amazing!!!They not only have gorgeous bathrooms,an out of this world pool but the have star beds. As the name insinuates, star beds are bed that when you sleep on them you literary look at the sky!(I slept in one of them..i swear it's the best sleep i have ever had in my whole life!)

IL Ngwesi is an Eco-lodge and you know me..anything Eco-friendly i will support. This lodge has hosted a high number of famous people including the one and only Prince William....

Now, don't you want to go and pee or have a bath while enjoying a natural wild view? Trust me, it is unbelievably cool!


  1. @Nancie..this is a promise & hold me to it. When you are ready to go there, let me know & i will make sure they give you a discount.


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