Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Top 5 best cities in the world to shop this Christmas !

Its already December and most of us have not yet done our Christmas shopping!As i was thinking of what i need to get for myself, i went on a quest to find out which were the best places to shop for Christmas...unfortunately, i will not have time or the money to visit these places,but maybe you can...

 1. New York City - Why? I am pretty sure you do not want me to answer this.Besides having lots of stores with wide variety, they usually have amazing Christmas discounts!

NYC Times Square..
2. Dubai - I think we all agree that Dubai has taken the world by storm, especially with their outrageously big, well stocked shopping mall stores. They have great leather staff and all types of material!!

A Dubai shopping mall....
3. Berlin - This is a perfect place to not only shop but take a  tour while there. Germany have great history and thus great touristic sites!
Berlin shopping mall...
4. Barcelona - Besides being in a street with loving Spanish people enjoying that "romance" that Spain brings, this place is also know to be among the world's best. There is alot to see in Spain, i particularly love their sculptures and artistic work. So why not enjoy shopping as you site see!

A Barcelona shopping mall...
5. Bangkok - I believe we. are all in agreement that Bangkok has taken the world by storm! From house curtains to kitchen cutlery to shoes and bags, these guys have it all.Its not so expensive but fairly okay.Whats more, it is great to  tour the place and learn more about their culture and more so get to enjoy their ever tasty cuisines!!

Bangkok shopping mall at its best!


  1. paris?? you should totally include it...am sure the christmas sales on the designer clothes are crazy!

  2. Okay People..The Fashion Lady has spoken!!PARIS!!!or like it is said...Parii..LOL!


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