Saturday, December 18, 2010

My Travel Dreams for 2011

Someone once said that if you believe in your dreams they just my come true.  My hope is that they are right and that i get to visit my dream destinations for 2011. Last year i was in the obsession of visiting Egypt and lucky me my dream came true.....

For year 2011 my obsessions are as follows..

1. Paris - Since i started this blog, i have written so much about Paris that i feel i need to experience what this love city has to offer. More so, this place is a heaven for shopping especially shoes,bags and perfume!The art and history of the place is also one to watch.This place is known as a romance hub thus i am pretty sure me and him would love it.

2. Zanzibar -  It is almost 3 years ago when i last visited Zanzibar.I am told that the place has tremendously changed.Besides the ever beautiful beaches, the number of 5 star resorts and spas has increased which means variety! I love places where i am not limited and can choose the best and most convenient place to stay,therefore Zanzibar is on my must go list plus..its just across the border, all i need is money and a "free" weekend.

3. New York - Truth be told i think the Alicia Keys/Jay Z song has gotten to me plus Tyra banks and all. New York is a good place to shop, they have a variety of expensive and affordable gear!Like Sarah Jessica Parker said "I like my money right where I can see it... hanging in my closet. "
New York is also in the list of top 10 best cities to party..I love parties.

4. Spain - Spain is Spain.Historic, romantic, modern yet old fashion, artistic, religious,great place to shop (Madrid) etc I just want to experience the place.I want to see the 2010 world cup winners culture, it somewhat interests me.

5. Thailand - First it is not a country, it is a kingdom. A kingdom that has earned a reputation of being known as "The land of smiles".Thailand is famous for its Buddhist temples (their meditation +  chanting interests me, i would like to know what they mean and what they say when chanting), exotic wildlife plus spectacular islands. Besides their fascinating history  and unique culture, i am a sucker for the Thai food(even here in Nairobi)!

6. Rome - To be very sincere this obsession is purely driven with the thirst to see the Vatican City live.I am a Catholic thus would be thrilled to attend mass that is proceeded by the Pope himself. Besides this,Italy is famous for excellent suites, shoes and bags. Italy has a rich history that is highly enticing. On a lighter note, i would love to see the named places in the books and movies written by Dan Brown such as Da Vinci Code, Angels and Demons etc


  1. your list totally rhymes with mine + italy... And you've gone to egypt! so jealous!

  2. Yeah Nancie, Italy totally rock, now iv just got 2 find a way 2 make money!


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