Thursday, October 3, 2013

Open Letter To Our Tourists

 Dear Tourist,

Usually I am not one to go blogging about terrorism or political affairs, but after watching what happened at the Westgate attack, I feel I should have to say something. First and foremost, my condolences to those who lost lives and huge heartfelt apology for those who were caught up in it either first hand or second. Not only did we loose our brothers and sisters, parents and children, not only did we watch our businesses collapse, leaving us with massive economic recollection and rebuild, we, the tourism  sector have to almost watch and predict what could happen, scratch that...what is happening. 

I feel frustrated that every time terrorists hit us or we have some sort of political indifference, the economic sector that suffers the most is tourism, bearing in mind that this sector accounts for approximately 12.5 percent of economic output, 7.4 percent of investment and 11 percent of jobs! I feel aggravated that however much these "economy analysts" keep on telling us what they think and know will happen as an aftermath of terror attacks and political indifference, yet no-one seems to listen. I feel depressed living with the threat that I could once again watch my friends or myself go jobless and without a means to provide for our families as hotels and resorts close down due to lack of business as was the case in 2007 due to the post-election violence; therefore this is what I have to tell my tourists.

The Truth
Kenya is one of the best touristic destinations in the world, with an all-in-one experience. We are blessed with white clean sandy beaches and sanctified with a wide range of wildlife! The Kenyan people are warm and friendly, with a rich culture that you just have to experience.

Yes, the enemy hit us, but you need to think fair and critical, he has hit even the countries you come from, but that did not stop us coming to your country, so please do not stop visiting us. Kindly, ignore the negative press, and remember bad news sells fast, that’s why the attack seems to be on every news channel you switch to, bearing in mind this is what the enemy wanted!

We have built luxurious resorts, astounding safari lodges just so that you can come and enjoy, the African culture, see that Africa and especially we, Kenya are not a dying nation, as those images used to raise funds for “the less fortunate” in Africa. We, Kenya, want you to see the beautiful faces that fill our country; we want you to see the positive side of our nation, we want you to experience the truth about what Kenya’s got to give.

The plea
To those who are writing that email of cancellation, or opting for a different destination as a choice of holiday, please re-think your decisions, the whole reason for a terrorist attack is so that we can suffer. The truth is, you cancelling gives the enemy a reason to celebrate. As a nation, we have beefed up security and are more alert, we can ascertain that you will be safe to have game drives in the Masai Mara a world wonder or enjoy a sun tan in Lamu, a UNESCO World Heritage recognised town.

Kenya should and will remain a top on the list travel destination; however, we the Kenyan people need you the tourist to make that a reality. Visit us and help us spread the good instead of the bad.

Thank You,
Murugi Njehia 


  1. One that speaks for all of us. Well put Murugi, I hope many tourists listen.

    1. Thank you. Please share so they can all read it and hopefully stop the cancellations. :-)

  2. Well said Murugi, we need to get this message across to all tourists


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