Friday, January 13, 2012

January Journey!

Happy New year!

This is my first post this year so I am mega excited! I have missed blogging so much and my blogger family even more. I had planned to take a 2 weeks leave from blogging but ended up taking close to four weeks!I know that's a really long time, but i needed to spend time away from my laptop and more time with family!

 During the time I spent away from the blog, I came up with some new ideas to make me and you love the blog even more and to kick off those ideas, I have introduced two new segments;

(a) Her Gadgets which is a segment that will discuss gadgets that are a must have when you are travelling or simply, gadgets that make your traveling experience smooth and easy.

(b) Her Lifestyle which is a segment that pretty much talks about travel lifestyles, celebrity vacations etc It is a place where I will be able to rant on and on about... pretty much ,everything!

I am considering to add two more segments on the blog, I am still thinking about it and soon will let you know how it goes. However, if you have any ideas that you think I should consider, please let me know. I also plan on hosting guest bloggers, so come on blogger family, tell me those travel stories and we shall share them with the world!

My 2012 blogging journey starts today and as is tradition to make and work a new year resolution, my new year resolution is to visit as many blogs as possible per day! What are your resolutions, where do you plan to travel, where did you you travel, what did you experience? Take us through that journey, we would love to hear about it!

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  1. I'm excited to read what you have planned. I enjoy hearing what life is like in Kenya... I've never been there before. Always figure life in the USA is rather boring and everyone knows... Welcome back!


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