Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Happy Holidays!

Greetings from Nairobi! (that sounds like a line from an ancient movie type) I like this time of the year! I know what your are thinking..hmmm really?!Think about it, it is the one time that we get  to receive so many presents and give out as many! It is the time we are allowed to eat as much junk especially chocolate and fruit cakes and nobody will question, plus it is the same time we get to spend with all our loved ones and family!

For those of you who are like me, then this means it is also the time to shop until you drop! But most importantly it is a time to celebrate my believes and sense of living, the birth of Christ. This to me means a time to forgive all those who have wronged you and a time to ask for forgiveness to all whom you have wronged. It is also a time to say thank you to God for a wonderful year but also a time to remember the less fortunate.

So every time you do something to enjoy yourself during this period, please remember to say thank you for what you have and remember to share with those who do not have.
I will be going on a blogging time out for the next two weeks, to enjoy sometime with family and friends. I hope to add new pages / columns for the new year, ones that i hope will keep you wanting to read more!

I wish you and your families a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


  1. Wonderful post :)
    I literally think/feel exactly the same at Christmas time.

    So glad I found your blog.

  2. Hope you have a wonderful festive season :)

  3. Happy Holidays Angela....Your blog is a beautiful testament to the awesome future of Africa.
    And thanks for stopping by FBI.

  4. Hope your holidays were great and you enjoy your time off!

  5. I hope everything is going well for you! I love your beautiful photographs and thanks for commenting on my blog!


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