Friday, November 19, 2010

Rutundu Log Cabins ..i already knew this place was awesome!

Im so very excited to learn that the place where Prince William and Kate Middleton engagement happened last month is actually a cabin that i featured sometime back when i was starting out this blog. Best of Mount Kenya  I do not mean to brag but lets just say..i have always know that this place stood out from the rest.

Yes, they place does have a very shabby look and Yes, its not at all expensive!(maybe now it will become expensive!)But this place just has that thing that you can't explain why you get so attracted to it.Anyway, Rutundu is now the most talked about getaway and as i keep telling you, Kenya is the best place to go on holiday..and if you are in Kenya..what the(censured) are you waiting for?!!

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  1. I'd like to try to go this place next time I visit. Do you have a link to where to stay?


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