Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Is Kenya beating Paris to hold the title of The World's Most Romantic Place?!

I know the topic sounds crazy!But...did we not all hear that Britain's Prince William proposed to Kate Middleton while in KENYA?!!He is reportedly have proposed while at Lewa Conservancy 140 miles of the capital city, Nairobi.

Lewa, a well known game reserve is famous for its hard work with Black Rhino's, threatened by poachers as per my previous post;  Poachers are still a threat 
They host a  high number of wildlife with extraordinary activities such a tracking lions! They also boast in having some of Kenya's finest safari lodges!

Now doesn't this make you want to visit Lewa ? Whats more, all the couples and people out there don't you agree that Kenya's natural and raw wild is just what you need to get that romance spinning out of the bottle?!!


  1. Looks like Kenya is becoming a romantic getaway!LOL..Where would yo recommend if my wife and i were to visit Kenya?Curtis,Canada.

  2. I guess what really moves me in all this, is that William could afford to take her to so many places that money can buy, but he chose this simple and down to earth place, because of its privacy, romance, beauty, and breathtaking 360 degree paranomic views --as far as the eyes can see. I hear you see the whole of Kenya and beyond from this spot. I am going there in January. Forget all the diamonds and sapphires, and the palaces. This place is a winner.


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