Monday, November 29, 2010

What happens in Mombasa stays in Las Vegas or is it Hawaii: Day 2

Following my post: Mombasa:Our Las Vegas and Hawaii i did promise to share with you what we did on day 2 which was unbelievable incredible! This was my first time to go on a sea safari. You must be wondering what on earth is a sea safari? 

A sea safari is when you walk on the sea..yes,you can walk on sea, not on water (LOL) . This is only achievable early morning when the water is not near the shore, basically is almost mid the sea, that way you are able to walk on the dry land.

The sea safari guides are quite specific with the rules when you start the safari, they warn you; tell you that you must be fit, ready to swim  and be very careful on your steps, you might step on something and it turns out to be a sea animal - consequences could leave you without a leg or dead in worst circumstances. (Death safari was more like it..) 

This is how the sea looks like when half dry in the morning....

You have to watch your steps in the water patches, you do not want to step on something that may cause your death!!
Jeff discovering the sea, with the Sea safari specialist....
Dry land patches....
Sea urchins...the animal that looks like a black jack, should you step on it and the pokes enter your foot, you have 30 minutes to get to a doctor or you die...

Black is male Urchin, white is female urchin..looks like God made all animals either male or female...
Sea cucumber..its an animal not a vegetable.. LOL!

Sea thought the normal spiders are dangerous, here is a twist this one is harmless!
If a fish steps on this it gets strangled then becomes a meal, if your leg gets caught by this, its squeezed the life out of you!

Stone may not be able to see the fish because like the name suggest it looks like a stone!Secondly when you step on it, it has a needle like thing that pokes your foot and in approximately 15 minutes you are dead!
And on our way back to shore we picked up a lovely Star fish which i can tell you is now lying in my living room......

After lunch.. it was beach relaxation time...swim, swim, swim!!!!!!!!

 And after a long adventurous day, we put on our party gear and enjoyed Mombasa night life....!


  1. am going next week yaaay, these pics just make me wanna fast forward the days!!!

  2. I so wish i was u!!Make sure u take as many pics as possible and of course enjoy yourself kabisa!

  3. thanks for the warning, just back from coast, saw urchins, sea cucumber, but thankfully nothing lethal

  4. Hey Bankelele,its good u came back safe + u got to see these sea animals.Its amazing how there are many animals in the sea and we simply just overlook them!


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