Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Poacher's are still a threat to our animals and here is proof!

Yes, i am back! I thought i would be able to share with you guys why i have been missing since last week however it seems i  have misplaced my camera cable thus my stories will have to be put on hold until then..all i can tell you is that the Kenyan coast is one interesting place!!

Moving on to today's story..poachers are alive and it looks as though they are not threatened by all that we "Animal Activists" have been striving to do!In a newsletter that was sent to me last week from Lewa.Org, Mr. Richard Moller the chief conservative officer reported that on Saturday October 30th at 3.45 a.m, gun shots were heard on the western boundary on the conservancy which resulted to the death of one of the female black rhinos.Her horns had been ripped off and whats worse is that even after hours of security trying to track the poachers, all was in vain and they did manage to get away....

Said to be the oldest female black rhino and one of the conservancy's founding rhinos in 1984, Stumpy gave birth to eight healthy calves during her stay at Lewa Conservancy, most recent birth being only one and a half years ago. Her calf was also injured during the attack and is recovering from a minor wound to the neck.

This is not only devastating but also very disgusting.I condemn all poachers, you ought to be more than ashamed of your selfish and very cruel acts!

Courtesy of - please visit this site and see how you can assist the conservancy in protecting the Rhinos. Many Thanks!


  1. Welcome back nature freak!LOL xoxo Mitch

  2. It is always sad to see poachers killing the animals in Africa.Reed, Canada

  3. hey so sorry to hear that, and the only way to stop it is to protest! and i for one am willing, but the rhino is not so important animal! the harp seals have it worse then them!! so sorry! :/


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