Thursday, November 4, 2010

African Bullfrog....New species discovered!

Where i grew up there was alot of natural wild,you know bushes, wild weeds, etc Once in a while when playing we would encounter insects such as grasshoppers (Dede..) or lizards, even frogs! We would actually enjoy playing with these "animals" and our parents would punish us for bringing these creatures into the know. Now picture this, a group of children playing in a bush and this appears....

This is a 41b African Bulfrog which chews tiny prey with the help of its razor-sharp teeth!It is known as the biting frog, it has gnashers in its lower jaw called odontoids which avail its possibility to chew anything that can fit  in its humongous mouth!! It's favorite meals include reptiles,birds and even poisonous snakes!!Yikes!!!!!

The frog species was discovered in southern Africa to be precise in Mozambique and one is even rumored to have eaten 17 baby cobras at one sitting!!

Now where are the children you were imagining playing in the bush before this frog appeared? 

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