Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Did you know that you could train to become a Maasai Warrior?

Believe it or not, my title is very true.You could get trained to become a Maasai warrior!Wondering what this means?!

First and foremost the Maasai people are a nilotic group located in Kenya and Northern Tanzania. They hold a very rich culture and among the many tribes in Kenya, they have managed to keep their culture up and running!  The training therfore means that if you are in any part of the world, there is actually a camp called Bush Adventure located in Laikipia / Isiolo,Kenya that is wholly built on this and these guys take you up on different trainings depending on how fit you think your body is.The trainings are in three categories:Introductory, which runs for 4 days, Survival training which runs for 7 days and the full course training which take 12 days.

You basically get taught how to speak(the basics of course), fighting techniques, use of bow and arrow, how to track animals etc In short, by the time you are leaving the camp, you are a real warrior.Now how many of us want to become hardcore African warriors?

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