Friday, November 26, 2010

Mombasa :Our version of Las Vegas and Hawaii!

I should have blogged this 3 weeks ago but somehow (still can explain how) i had misplaced my camera's cable thus could not down load anything!Anyway here is the story...My significant other that sounds so lame and I had been planning to take a vacation but we were not sure when or where we would go and how much we would spend, we just knew that we needed to get away and we needed to do it soon.When our good friend sent us his wedding invitation, we knew we had the perfect excuse to run away from the busy capital Nairobi and Mombasa here we went!

Day 1
Time to cross the ferry....

This is what i call a sunset.....

And this is where we stayed...
Mombasa city ar early as 6.30 A.M

The wedding we went to....
The wedding we ended up at..!!!!!!!!
And where our evening dinner and dancing at the beach...(Kim and the band, we love you!)
Stay tuned for day 2...You will be surprised with what you will see...


  1. nice pics!! going in two weeks!! cant wait!!

  2. Nancie..remember to carry sun block, i came back to Nairobi all burnt!


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