Thursday, November 25, 2010

Classic Train getaways...

Trains are classic,period. They all have great historic stories which i must confess, i am a sucker to the stories! Two years ago i got to experience what travelling on a train from Nairobi to Mombasa feels like. I got to know (by experience) what a train derailment is. I also did get to know how to balance my breakfast cup of tea on a moving train!Imagine going to a toilet that is moving, if you are thinking it's somewhat like being on an plane, well let me tell you, a plane is far much stable!The scenery is unbelievable beautiful, i so wished i had a camera then, you guys would be viewing that scenery.The whole experience made me feel like i had traveled back in time and was living in the 1920's..

The Kenyan train safari to Mombasa.....

The Nairobi - Mombasa Train Restaurant

Today however,i write to share this world's top "classic train trips" that i stumbled upon on Brace yourself folks, this is good stuff!!
Old Patagonia Express, Argentina- Better known as La Trochita, this train goes at a speed of 35Km per hour thus the "Express" term, the historic rattler steams from Esquel to Ingenieno Jacobacci, with half a dozen stations and another nine whistle stops.(apearderos)

Ghan, Australia - The two night trip runs from Adelaide to Alice Springs to Darwin.It was started when the initial railway line was put up in 1877 and has now become a tour attraction.

Rocky Mountaineer, Canada - The 2 day tour through the Canadian Rockies is done on broad daylight to allow you the perfect viewing of attractions such us the British Colombia Mountains.

What i found most interesting was  that SA's classic train Outeriqua Choo-Tjoe, was among the top ten list!

Others that topped the list are as follows:

  • El Nariz del Diablo, Ecador
  • Venice Simplon Orient Express,Italy
  • Copper Canon railway, Mexico
  • Cuzco to Puno, Peru
  • Trans Siberia, Russia to China
  • Coast starlight,USA


  1. my girlfriends and i were planning on taking the train to coast this year!! so much fun!!

  2. @IVY..i know they are way too cool!and classy.
    @Nancie..That will be fun + very adventurous, be sure to let me know how it goes..there is a creepy guy who walks at night checking if your cabins are locked, if you ask me he is way too spooky!


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