Friday, April 29, 2011

Yellow Oriole;and i am not talking about Oriole cookies!

If someone mentioned orioles, i guess the first thing that would pop up in your head would probably be the cookies or the team that attributed to the cookies existence, the Baltimore Orioles baseball team. However, i am talking about the Yellow Oriole bird. 

It is a passerine bird mostly found in South America, countries such as  Colombia, Trinidad, Venezuela and parts of northern Brazil.There are four sub species of which three are restricted to islands only.

With this post my letter Y topic is Yellow Oriole bird which means only one letter remains to be tackled in the April A-Z challenge! Wuhuuu!! is the feeling i have and i hope it is the same feeling that my fellow challenge bloggers have.


  1. Beautiful bird! I agree with you about coming to the end of the A-Z challenge. It has been fun, but a lot of hard work. I normally don't post that much.

  2. Great Post for "Y" - and great site.
    I am also happy the end (of the challenge) is in sight. Although I have really enjoyed participating it has been quite time consuming.

    The real bonus has been finding some truly amazing sites to visit and follow - I count yours as one of them.

    I will be back to take a closer look, I must dash off and finish "Z". Once that's done I will sit back and enjoy doing a little post reading.

    Cheers, Jenny

  3. Actually, when I think of orioles I do think of Baltimore Orioles, but not the baseball team. :-)

    We get baltimore orioles in our back yard, but I think they're smaller than the yellow ones and they have more black on them.


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